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The Star – Tarot Card Summary and Meanings

The Star is the seventeenth tarot card in the Major Arcana, representing hope, faith, and optimism. The card symbolizes a spiritual basis, a connection to divine intelligence, and the courage to take positive action. It symbolizes looking ahead in life and expanding potential. The card urges you to connect to your inner strength and your inner guide. When you do this you feel inspired and you become renewed with hope.

The Star card presents a woman, with one foot in the water and one foot on the land. Water is associated with emotion and intuition and the land with stability and practicality. The woman is dreaming of ways in which to move forward – finding new solutions and new revelations. She is calm and hopeful. The seven stars represent the sevenfold principle, the seven heavens, and the seven chakras. The birds signify flight, movement and renewal. The starry sky symbolizes the infinite wisdom of the universe and the promise of a promising future.

The Star card suggests a fortunate moment of renewal and realization. It can mean the emergence of divine inspiration. New mental clarity and creative energy can lead to new solutions, breakthroughs and changes. Positive changes and improvements can begin to manifest. It also suggests a place of calm and surrender – a place where we can open up to our inner wisdom and listen closely to our intuition.

The Star card brings hope that things can change for the better. Difficult times can end and new energies can come in to our lives. It encourages us to remain positive, to think with hope and clarity to manifest our reality. A belief in oneself and in the higher power guides us through life and gives us strength and courage. The Star card also suggests that it may be the right time to follow our dreams and to take action towards our goals.

The Star also has a more negative meaning. It can symbolize selfishness or recklessness. It can indicate not trusting the advice of others, or not trusting your inner intuition. It can mean not listening to your inner voice and not recognizing your true potential.

The Star symbolizes faith in yourself and in your higher power. It shows that if you stay guided and believe in yourself then you can manifest your desires. This card encourages you to be open to change, to seek out hope and optimism. Listening to your own intuition can help bring clarity and understanding to your life.

The Star – Tarot Card Meaning and Interpretation

The Star card speaks of prosperity, clarity, and renewal. It can help to connect with your spiritual self and open up to the possibilities of the universe. It reminds us to remain centered and clear in our thoughts and intentions, so that we may manifest our dreams and desires. The Star is associated with compassion and understanding for others and a willingness to help. This card often follows a difficult situation and suggests that the answer to the problem lies within.

The Star card provides faith and support when needed most. It encourages us to remain focused and true to our purpose, no matter how challenging the external circumstances may be. It urges us to remain positive, to trust our intuition and decisions and to hold on to our hope. It inspires us to express our dreams and aspirations into real action.

The Star card can also speak of fear and loss of direction. It can suggest ignoring the warning signs or hesitating to act on intuition. It suggests a lack of faith and trust in the universe, leading to a sense of disconnection, confusion, and loneliness. It suggests giving up too soon or losing sight of the big picture. Life can sometimes be scary, but it is important to remember to never give up and always keep faith.

The Star card gives us a trusting relationship with the universe and with ourselves. It connects us to our source of wisdom and guides us in the right direction. It serves to lighten our life and help us move into a place of renewal. It urges us to keep our eyes to the sky, allowing faith and trust to help guide us.

The Star – Tarot Card Spreads

The Star card is the twelfth card in a Tarot reading and may appear in various spreads. The card meaning can be interpreted to give insight into a person’s life or circumstances. The Star card is used as an indicator of hope, direction, and faith.

One example of the Star card employed in a spread is the Star of Wisdom spread. In this spread, the Star is placed in the middle, surrounded by seven other cards. These cards represent important directions that need to be explored. These can be psychological, physical, or spiritual. The Star card connects and illuminates the directions, for a clear and insightful reading on which to take action.

The Star card can also be used in circles spread. In this spread, the Star signifies the center of the circle, representing the place of potential and true self. The surrounding cards, the other eight in the circle, represent opportunities, goals, and paths to potential. Whatever cards are drawn around The Star will indicate the things needed to transform and unlock that potential.

The Star – Tarot Card and Numerology

The Star card is the seventeenth card of the Major Arcana in Tarot. Numerology associates the number seventeen with an expanding energy of personal growth and intuition. The Moon, which is the card that is linked to the number seventeen, encourages us to listen to our intuition, dream, and journey to our innermost depths. The combination of the energy of the Moon and the Star suggests that our subconscious and conscious dreams can be unlocked.

The Star is also associated with Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac. Libras are known for their intellect, friendly nature, and harmonious spirits. They are balanced and gentle and put harmony and peace first. The Star card represents how Libra expands on these traits, awakening curiosity, gaining knowledge, and inspiring us to pursue our ambitions.

The Star – Tarot Card Reversed

When the Star card is reversed it suggests a block in the flow of energy. It symbolizes aimless wandering and lack of spiritual strength. The reversed Star may also suggest fear of change, pessimism, and doubt. It indicates a need to trust the process of life. It is important to remember that even in a confusing or bleak moment, the lessons that are being revealed are valuable.

Reversed, the Star can signify feeling overwhelmed or uninspired. We may be feeling discouraged and we don’t see a way forward. In these moments of darkness, it is important not to give up hope. It may be time to step away and reassess things. The solutions may be far away, but they can still be found.

The reversed Star is an important reminder not to lose hope. It encourages us to take some time and to reconnect with our inner wisdom. By doing so, we can come back with a fresh perspective and gain the courage to move forward.

The Star – Tarot Card in Love Readings

When the Star appears in a love reading it is a reminder to trust in the power of love. It suggests that a deeper spiritual connection can be found with trusting hearts and open minds. It encourages us to stay optimistic and have faith in the love that is present. It encourages us to find comfort in our romantic relationships, despite any challenges that may arise.

The Star card indicates that we need to be able to express our love with freedom and letting go of expectations. It suggests that we should accept the other person’s feelings and give space for them to also express their feelings. This is often easier said than done, but it is important to remember that being open-minded and trusting of the other person can take a relationship to a whole other level.

The Star card in a love reading can also be an indication to spend some time together and do something meaningful. A romantic gesture or date night can be a great way to reconnect. This can be something as simple as going for a walk in nature, doing an activity together, or simply talking and reconnecting on a deeper level.

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