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What is an Interview Tarot Spread?

Interviews of any kind can be overwhelming, so imagine how intimidating it can be when you’re being asked questions by tarot cards! People who are looking for insights and guidance might answer questions posed by an interviewer tarot spread. This article will explore the ins and outs of this mysterious practice and how it can help you.

What is the Interview Tarot Spread?

An interview tarot spread is a method for seeking insight into yourself and your life choices. Utilizing the mystical art of tarot cards, the spread is a type of divination— figuring out the answers to life’s questions. Questions are asked by a tarot reader and then the cards are used to “unlock” those answers. It’s an effective way for seekers to gain clarity and a better understanding of their individual situation.

How Does it Work?

The interviewer tarot spread works by focusing on a particular issue. The tarot reader will then draw up to eight cards from a tarot deck and the seeker will lay them out in a particular pattern. Each card in the spread represents a part of the larger picture and what the tarot reader divines from the cards helps illuminate the seeker’s life options.

What Kinds of Questions Can an Interview Tarot Spread Answer?

The interviewer tarot spread can answer many kinds of questions–and some questions have multiple interpretive options. From personal relationships to career decisions to other matters of the heart, the interviewer tarot spread can provide the answers you need to make better decisions.

What Are the Benefits of an Interview Tarot Spread?

The most profound benefit of an interviewer tarot spread is the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive outlook and understanding of your life path. Additionally, it helps to strengthen the bond between you and your intuition. As you practice and become more familiar with the process of asking questions and interpreting the answers, you begin to know your intuition more. It can give you the confidence and insight you need to make the right decisions for your life.

What Are the Limitations?

Although an interviewer tarot spread offers beneficial guidance, it is not a substitute for seeking professional advice from licensed practitioners. The tarot reader should be consulted as an advisor only, and not used to make any life-altering decisions. Additionally, if seeking tarot guidance it is advisable to use a reliable source – such as one associated with a trusted tarot reading organization.

The Interview Tarot Spread and Predictive Tarot Readings

The interviewer tarot spread tends to focus on the present and provide insight into what you can do in order to improve your situation, rather than making predictions about the future. Predictive tarot readings, by comparison, are intended to give you an understanding of what may happen in the future, and are usually more complex than a simple “yes” or “no”.

Interpreting the Interview Tarot Spread

The interpretation of a tarot card reader’s questions can vary from person to person. Each individual is likely to have a different interpretation of the card’s meaning, so it’s important to be aware of your own personal opinions when considering the interpretation of the spread. The more you practice, the more your intuition, beliefs and life experience will help you to make the most accurate interpretation of the spread.

Concluding Thoughts

The interview tarot spread is a powerful tool for gaining clarity on important life decisions, finding answers to difficult questions, and connecting with your intuition. It can provide a valuable insight into the bigger picture and help you make decisions that honor your values and goals. Despite its limitations, when used properly, it can provide an invaluable source of insight and guidance.

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