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Justice – Tarot Card Summary and Meanings

Justice is one of the 22 major arcana tarot cards. With its distinctively stern, figure, Justice typically features a woman seated in a throne wearing a sword in one hand and a scale in the other. In some decks, the figure also holds a pair of scales, each one filled with the same amount of weight. Both come together to explore the principles of balance, harmony, and equality.

Generally speaking, when Justice appears in a reading, it pertains to making sound decisions and living with them; it seeks an ultimate balance between two forces of opposition; the notion of justice as ‘only’ and ‘fair’. It is a card which encourages people to have integrity, develop objectivity, and make decisions and judgments. Ultimately, Justice works towards establishing fairness and balance in all areas of life.

The message from Justice is not about exacting revenge or repaying wrongs but to take an objective look at the situation honestly and to ensure justice is done. Drawing this card is usually an indication that one is facing a difficult decision which requires a lot of thought in order to achieve the most appropriate outcome. It is important to remember while making a decision, that one must weigh their options very carefully and ensure that both sides of the argument are considered before making a decision.

Justice also encourages people to stand in their power and not be swayed by outside influences, to question authority, to stand up for what they believe in, and to always act with integrity. The message from Justice is that we have an inner sense of justice and that it is very important to act according to that.

Additionally, Justice is a reminder that everything in life is connected and that it is important to find the balance between extremes. It is also important to note that justice is often blind, meaning that one should not judge people based on their appearance, without taking into account their experiences.

Finally, Justice can also symbolize legal matters; in particular, the card could pertain to a legal case or proceedings that may take place, or be occurring presently in one’s life. Despite the fact that the card encourages justice, that does not always mean that the outcome of a court case will be favourable.

Positive Implications of Justice

When Justice appears in a reading, it is generally seen as a symbol of balance, fairness, and justice. It generally signifies acquiring more objectivity in one’s decisions as well as establishing fairness and balance. This card can also encourage people to stand in their power to pursue justice and it can also be a warning that one should beware of being influenced by other people or bias. In terms of legal matters, Justice can signify a positive outcome, such as winning a court case or arbitration.

At its core, Justice is a deeply spiritual card that promotes fairness in life, which is an enlightening and inspiring experience. It also highlights the beauty of the law, helping to serve the cause of equality and freedom.

Justice also urges people to have faith and trust in the law of attraction. It is a reminder that like attracts like; what goes around comes around, and that justice will ultimately prevail in the long run. This card reassures that no matter how difficult things may be, there is always a way forward, and that ultimately our actions will be appreciated and their consequences will be judged justly.

The card of Justice also symbolizes the need to recognize the importance of law; it serves to remind people of the need to stay within the confines of law, justice, and morality. By upholding the principles of justice, people can avoid doing things that could potentially get them into trouble or hinder them in any way.

Ultimately, Justice reminds people to act with integrity and fairness, to always be just and to take into consideration the fair outcome for all. It also reinforces the idea that justice is a slowly evolving process and that it is our responsibility to ensure our actions, when they are put to the test of justice, are in line with the law.

Negative Implications of Justice

Justice can be seen as a card full of potential negative possibilities. This may include the fear and dread of facing a court trial or a long drawn out legal dispute, a judgement that is not in one’s favor, or even a sense of imbalance and injustice. The card can also symbolize the need to be careful and cautious when making decisions, as an impulsive decision could lead to serious consequences.

The card could also imply someone taking a binary opposition — a “black-and-white” view of life — and forcing others to see the world their way; in other words, forcing their opinions or beliefs onto others. It is also important to remember that Justice doesn’t always bring a favorable outcome; the decision may weigh heavily against one side and render an unfair outcome.

The Justice card could also represent legal complications or being involved in a binding contract. It could also indicate someone who is overly disciplinarian or strict, and overly focused on rules and regulations. This could lead to an authoritarian style of leadership.

Furthermore, Justice could suggest a lack of objectivity and fairness, as well as a lack of attention to other people’s lives and choices. This can lead to a situation of privilege and power, where one’s point of view holds a lot of weight and the other person’s opinion is disregarded or ignored.

Often, the card can represent a challenge between good and bad, and is a reminder that we are all human and make mistakes. It could suggest a sense of unease fully understanding consequences of decisions and actions, particularly those with legal repercussions.

The Influence of Justice in a Relationship

When it appears in a reading relating to relationships, Justice is a reminder to be honest and fair in your dealings with others. It also encourages people to question why they are making the decisions they are and to ensure that no one is being taken advantage of.

The card emphasizes the importance of equality between two people; pointing out to both parties that fairness is essential to maintaining a sustainable relationship. It encourages people to prioritize the needs of the relationship, put aside differences, and work together to find a resolution. In this way, Justice is about learning to build a balanced, equitable, and harmonious relationship.

Justice could also be a warning that one is not using their power or influence fairly or responsibly. It could suggest that someone is taking advantage of the other or that one party dictates the decisions of the relationship. Sometimes, the card could suggest someone has lost sight of the true meaning of justice.

Ultimately, the card of Justice reminds people to prioritize the balance between two opposing forces, to remain objective and take into account both sides of the story before coming to any conclusions. This card encourages people to remain emotionally and intellectually open, be impartial, and not instinctively jump to conclusions.

The Influence of Justice in a Career

In terms of a career, Justice emphasizes one’s commitment to responsibility and respect for the law. It could suggest that a person should live in accordance with their job or career ethic, take responsibility for their actions, and ensure that their decisions are in line with standards and regulations.

The card could also signify the importance of ethics and morals in one’s decisions; it can remind people to stay honest and fair in their actions with regards to their job, and to always make sure that they work within the confines of the law. This card can also suggest that one must always seek justice if challenged or wronged in any way.

At the same time, Justice can suggest someone may be overly focused on following the rules or overstaying their bounds. This could be a sign that someone needs to let go of the need to be completely in control and be open-minded to new ideas. It could also point out the tactics used to manipulate the legal or situation to their advantage.

The card of Justice also suggests that decisions that one makes in their career may face the ultimate test of justice at some point; and that ultimately these decisions will result in rewards or repercussions, depending on the level of justice that is applied.

The Influence of Justice in Health

In regards to health, Justice encourages people to stay honest with themselves and to be mindful of their well-being. It is a reminder that it is important to look after and value oneself, and to always strive for balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

Justice can remind people to make sure they are getting enough rest, being mindful of their nutrition and fitness, and to seek out appropriate medical help if needed. It could also be a sign to practice self-compassion, to be gentle with oneself, and to ensure that decisions are taken based on the facts.

On the other hand, Justice can be a warning not to be overly judgmental of oneself. It could also suggest that one should be aware of factors that can lead to imbalance in the body, such as stress, fatigue, or lifestyle pressures.

Ultimately, Justice is a reminder that being honest and just with oneself is paramount to promoting healthy physical and mental well-being. It is also important to note that, when it comes to taking care of one’s health, the balance between self-care and self-accountability is key.

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