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Judgement – Tarot Card Summary and Meanings

Judgement is perhaps one of the most powerful Tarot cards in the deck. It represents a huge turning point in one’s life, a moment at which all roads lead for better or worse. It is an indication of a catalyst, a time when a decision of resounding importance needs to be made, one which has effects far beyond the moment. Its presence can be a blessing, as it is a positive prophetic glimpse of what could come, and a warning, as it speaks of the necessity to make the correct choice.

The experience of Judgement can be identified by feelings of a momentous shift happening, where out of all the options available, must make the selection that will shape the destiny. This process is associated with a sense of weightiness that can come overwhelming, as it represents a moment of truth in the grand schema of life. It is both a burden and benefit to have the ability to choose, for the way of the sword is a double-edged one, and it is not without consequences.

The archetypal image of the card is an angel, signifying judgement, blowing a trumpet and having the crowd beneath him rise from their graves. It suggests a spiritual context, that mortality is a fleeting state, and that the actions we take will tenuously link to a far more substantial afterlife. It is an indication of life’s fragility, but also a reminder of one’s ability to rise above. It speaks of the potential judgement one will have to live by further down the road, for the judgement we make is the preliminary step to higher planes.

This force of change and transformation associated with the Judgement card can express an undeniable sense of urgency. The pressure felt to make a quality decision of far-reaching influence is certainly a factor, as by making the wrong choice can be detrimental to one’s long-term fulfillment. There can be heartache and regret if the wrong action is pursued, or commendation and gratification if the appropriate one is made.

This situation of overwhelming selection the Judgement card can signify can also be looked upon from an advantageous perspective. The truth about all decisions, whatever the consequences, lies in hindsight, for the moment of choice we can only truly reflect on in the future. This gives us the opportunity to take control of our actions, to carefully consider options, and act in a manner where the greatest rewards can be reaped.

In summary, Judgement is a card of revelation and acknowledgement, a decisive moment where all our choices can be found within its voice. It is both a reminder to think before we act, and a call to destiny, to accept the consequence of our actions, but more importantly to embrace the potential.

Judgement – Tarot Card Upright Meaning

When Judgement appears upright, it suggests that it is time to take stock of the life journey and re-evaluate where been and where going. It invites us to honestly look at our motivations, values and purpose to ensure that the choices we make are in line with these realities. Much like the scales of justice, it demonstrates that nothing is permanent or set in stone, and that at any point in time, we are able to change our course, and reshape our destiny.

In this sense we can use the upright configuration of Judgement to our advantage, allowing the insight it presents to steer us to a higher ground, away from stagnation to a newer, brighter reality. Its message is one of transformation, to rise above the daily grind, and to live up to the potential destiny of one’s life. By its influence, we can breathe life into our ambitions, our passions, our goals, to really get ourselves moving in a positive, meaningful direction.

Such revelation require a certain confidence to transcend, to have complete faith in our own decisions and abilities, something which can help to clear the clouds of confusion. Judgement speaks of the necessity to make the ultimate determination, but at the same time, it demands strength of character to back it up. It is an indication of growth, and that if one is willing to take the necessary steps, the success and fulfillment it brings are unparalleled.

In essence, the upright Judgement card asks us to go beyond simply dreaming of what could be, and to make an intentional decision to do something with our ambitions. To make the most of this card, the challenge is to stretch beyond the confines of comfort, to overcome fear and doubt, and to have a resolute commitment to living up to our destiny.

Judgement – Tarot Card Reversed Meaning

The reversed Judgement tarot card speaks of being stuck in a limbo state, unable to commit to making decisions that have far-reaching effects. It reveals an underlying fear of the unknown and a reluctance to break away from the past. Such personal reservations can inhibit us from reaching our true potential, keeping us stuck in stability when a drastic change is needed.

It indicates that one has not been able to fully accept their current reality, preferring to remain comforted by familiarity. This can lead to a feeling of stagnation and dormancy, of avoiding the truth and living in diminished perspective. It can also point to conflicted loyalties, having difficulties distinguishing between the wants and needs of different parts of our lives, which can contribute to the difficulty of making meaningful decisions.

At times, the reversed Judgement card can also imply a lack of trust in oneself. Doubts and uncertainties can be crippling, as we either hesitate to make a move, or make many moves to try and get one over on our very own sense of confusion and hesitation. It speaks of not believing in the accuracy of our decisions, that one is not capable of making the most out of opportunities and that ultimately, a wrong move could be made.

When the reverse Judgement card appears, it is time to find clarity and direction. It is a call to believe and accept our capabilities and to be more daring and courageous with our choices. To trust that our decisions are made in agreement of our true values and desires, and to have faith in ourselves to take the leap to greatness.

Judgement – Tarot Card Symbolic Meaning

The central figure in the Judgement Tarot card is an angel, which is a symbol with vast religious connotations. This figure of spiritual authority speaks of the reward of our earthly endeavours, and serves as an indicator of the importance for us to live up to our divine purpose.

The angel also speaks of a need to be in agreement with higher powers and that this agreement will be necessary to bring success and satisfaction in the future. It calls for an alliance to what is greater than us, to our higher self, and to make sure that the choices we make are not in conflict with this truth.

The trumpet featured in the image denotes exchange of information, which can also be linked with communication. It suggests that one must not remain silent and succumb to the fears imposed by choices, to make sound decisions, ones that can be openly expressed and reasoned.

The upturned graves that accompany the angel suggest a time of wakefulness. This signifies a dying of old ideas and beliefs, to be reborn with the strength and will to create a better existence. It advises us to let go of the unwanted in order to make space for the declaration of truth.

The number 20 of the Judgement card is associated with the Hebrew letter Kaph, which symbolises a hand. It speaks of the beauty and grace of the human touch, of the power of palpability, of being able to make physical and measurable the abstract. To turn the visions of the mind into sophisticated accomplishments.

Judgement – Tarot Card Numerical Meaning

In Numerology, Judgement has the numerical value of 20, which is associated with the letter Kaph. This letter speaks of the power to transform, to take the unexplainable and intangible and to make them real and tangible.

The number 20 can also be reduced to two, the number of duality. It reinforces the importance of making decisions with balanced propriety, to move further down the road with tact and intuition. Due to its association with binary choice, the influence of this number can be seen in the process of selection and evaluation, something which is essential in the process of judgement.

It can also be seen as the number of life, as two is associated with the first breath we take when we are born, and the last one we exhale when we pass. It speaks of depth and commitment, of the need to find direction to begin a new cycle of growth and progress.

20 is furthermore associated with the impermanence of life, a reminder to us that all our actions have consequences, that the decisions we make are of vital importance, and that the choices we pick will make or break our destinations.

Judgement – Tarot Card Spiritual Meaning

On the spiritual level, the Judgement card concerns the soul and its need to reconnect with its spiritual truth. It can be seen as a signal from the higher realms, to stop drifting with the tide of life, and take moments to think about the bigger picture, to ask ourselves the questions that will lead to spiritual growth.

It speaks of an opportunity to access a deeper part of one’s being, to go beyond the boundaries of the physical into unexplained realms. This journey is also the passage to self-discovery, to gain insight into one’s power of choice, and to understand the true implications and consequences of that choice.

When the Judgement card appears, it is an invitation to awaken. To open our eyes and minds to a larger perspective, in order to see our lives and our environment with renewed clarity. It speaks of a calling to our highest ability to make decisions for ourselves, in full knowledge and acceptance of the spiritual laws governing life.

Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of Judgement is to have faith and trust. To recognise that our inner guidance system will direct us in the best direction, and to roll with the tides, accepting the outcome of our choices with grace and honour.

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