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Eight of Wands Tarot Card – Explanation and Summary

Negotiating the ambiguities of the eight of wands tarot card requires understanding of the card’s foundation elements, the elements that explain and give clarity to the card: the Tarot’s wisdom, the symbolic elements of the card’s design, and the diverse archetypal stories that the card engenders. This article explains the card’s hidden meanings in the context of the tarot’s ancient philosophy and its symbolism in order to give readers a greater embodiment of its teachings.

The eight of wands is found in most Rider-Waite-Smith decks and is represented by a simple image: eight wands arranged in an upright formation. A sense of rising energy and momentum is invoked in these straight and fast-moving wands—like arrows fired in the air concluding a victorious hunt or a win at battle. Upon closer inspection, different symbolic elements such as a sun and harvest glean more information on the card’s meaning. The card speaks to a forward momentum of events, projects, decisions or ideas that have been set in motion.

This card suggests swiftness and action, and is linked to the element of fire in the tarot tradition. It is associated with ambition, expeditiousness, and propelling energy. While not heavily laden with extreme positivity or extreme negativity, the eight of wands is neither good nor bad in and of itself; it is a reminder to take action and bring certain ideas to fruition. It is an energy of opportunity—a sign that conditions are favorable for certain ideas to take off.

The eight of wands card can represent two different energies, depending on the context; it can be a call for action and an encouragement for movement or it can signal cautioned patience. Getting overwhelmed by the surging forward energy of this card can be a pitfall; too much force may send projects into a tailspin. When patience is called for, take time to consider the various options on the table and look deeper before deciding which to prioritize

The eight of wands in a reading can manifest itself as a new burst of energy. Projects or relationships that have fallen stagnant can suddenly become alive again. New beginnings and changes in life’s direction may feel overwhelming, which is why this card often acts as a sign to courageous action. It is in the moments we feel like we are overreaching that our greatest successes can be achieved.

The card also points to the importance of communication. Happiness and fulfilment will often depend on our capacity to express our needs and wants to establish mutual understanding. Success is often more easily achieved with strong relationships and open conversations. The eight of wands wants you to use your assertive energy to get people on board with your ideas and projects, but also maintain humility in times of success.

If reversed, the eight of wands could be suggesting suppressed resentment and anger or pent-up energy. It is time to give yourself some rest, as too much energetic activity may have detrimental effects. Find a healthy balance between pushing yourself and respecting your body’s natural limits to get the most out of your growth and success.

Eight of Wands Interpretation and Reflection

The eight of wands encourages us to focus on the moment at hand—to take advantage of our mental energy and drive it to a desired outcome. Taking that leap of faith, propelling our projects forward and having trust in ourselves gives us the confidence to reach great heights. This trust in ourselves and our projects gives us the chance of success, happiness, and fulfilment. It can be a reminder to be present, to take the necessary steps to move forward and to have the courage to face adversity.

The eight of wands tarot card also provides insight into the impact of ambition. It calls for caution when it comes to both excessive and insufficient ambition. Too much overwhelming ambition can create destructive results, yet too little can contribute to creative plateau. To make the most of ambition, it is important to find a balance between the two polarities.

This card also speaks to the concept of ‘the law of movement’, which implies that energy and change can be necessary and often breaking through old patterns and heading in new directions will bring success. The eight of wands represents the possibility of quitting outmoded ideas and habits while embracing and celebrating the newfound ones.

Finally, the card can signify the importance of adapting quickly to a quickly changing environment. Oversaturation of a current market or industry could mean that in order to succeed, one must be able to think outside of the box and create novel approaches. Mindfulness and imagination are important tools to ascertain new ways of approaching and succeeding at a project.

Eight of Wands as a Negative Reflection

The eight of wands can also bring negative connotations. Too fast a movement can often derail projects or relationships, or lead to rash conclusions and decisions that can be damaging in the long run. Too much excitement or enthusiasm can mean we lose sight of exhaustion, which can lead to burn out. When faced with difficult decisions, the eight of wands can be a reminder to take ample time with each device and only choose the ones that will yield the best results.

Conversely, the eight of wands in a reading can point to a lack of ambition and poor goal setting. When feeling stuck in an uncomfortable place, it can be hard to be proactive about creating change. This card can serve as a reminder to give yourself a push and start moving forward.

It is often the fact that when faced with difficult decisions, we move too fast or too slow. The eight of wands suggests a balance between taking time for careful consideration and acting to what is right—simultaneously.

The eight of wands tarot card can remind us to take necessary steps that will expedite our successes without compromising our health. Reinvention and significant change can be scary but necessary for us to continue blooming, and the card can be a sign that it might be time to take that risk.

Eight of Wands Reversal Meaning

Reversed, the Eight of Wands tarot card can denote political machinations and power structures that can be stifling to progress and can block success. It could point to inefficient communication or even manipulation. Perhaps plans have been delayed, blocked or are running far behind schedule.

It can also mean that a change of direction is necessary and the need to evaluate reasons for the stoppage should be examined. Taking too long and getting stuck in one’s comfort zone and fear of failure can stop progress. It is ok to take some time to process, but taking too much will make things stalled.

Reversed, the eight of wands can suggest having too many goals, making it hard to focus and prioritize. It is important to focus on the goal that resonates the most and break it down into smaller, achievable projects.

On the other hand, it can also reference the idea of perfectionism and excess. As this card is strongly linked to ambition, it may point to having too high expectations. Releasing control and trusting the process and that perfection can sometimes be unattainable, can be hard yet necessary.

Eight of Wands Summary

The eight of wands tarot card often manifests itself as a sign to take action, assert yourself, communicate openly and embrace change to pose the best chance for success. It speaks to the ideas of ambition, patience, and opportunity, encouraging us to strike while the iron is hot and to take advantage of favorable conditions. We must be mindful and aware of our individual ambitions and channel them for success—striking the balance between pushing ourselves and respecting our limitations.

Reversed, the card could be a sign to evaluate our goals and their roadblocks and be mindful of creating a balanced approach to our ambitions. This card can be thought of as a reminder to step into the unknown and embrace new experiences in order to grow and reach further understandings.

At its core, the eight of wands is an ambassador for change and ambition; it is about taking chances and pushing through boundaries in order to reach greater heights.

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