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Two of Swords Tarot Card

A two of swords tarot card represents so much more than what initially meets the eye – it is in fact one of the most intricate and powerful readings one can receive. Representing a perfect balance between action and inaction, the two of swords tarot card’s dualistic theme is best reflected in the imagery of two swords crossed over each other. The swords in the card indicate opposing forces, a struggle between two adversaries. The swords in the center of the card also act as a shield, symbolic protection which remains firmly in place until a decision is made.

This card is generally referred to during times of conflict or internal struggle, when it may be hard to make a decision as both sides have their virtues and drawbacks. We may be torn between a desire for justice and a desire for peace. Representing a state of inner turmoil between two extremes, the two of swords personifies the intellect unsuccessfully trapped in a battle between intellect and emotion. Often, we may struggle to reconcile our thoughts and feelings – and with this card we must attempt to comprehend both arguments and form an objective conclusion.

It is important to observe the background of the card – in the two of swords tarot card, we find a calm lake and serene sky that depict a sense of equanimity, or inner peace, removed from the ideas of chaos and conflict. The balance of the forces here reflects the card’s suggestion that the querent must aim for objectivity and avoid allowing their judgement to be clouded by emotion.

The Two of Swords also speaks of being blocked or limited in some way. It brings us a reminder that sometimes, it is alright to take a hiatus from making decisions, to pause and reflect. While this may not be the most ideal situation, temporarily avoiding actions can allow us the time and distance to gain perspective and come up with the best course of action.

While the Two of Swords often represents a difficult task, it can also bring us relief. It shows that during times of great tension and disagreement, we can have moments of solidarity and respite from arguing – even if it is temporary. With this card, we are encouraged to search for resolution, so that with much patience and understanding, we find a resolution that best suits all parties involved.

The Two of Swords is a card of unification, showing that two opposing perspectives can be harmoniously reconciled, to produce a common understanding. It is at the time of making this decision that we must take into account both sides, consider the implications and aim to make a wise choice. This card calls for objectivity and impartiality, to drive us towards an outcome free of bias.

The Two of Swords shows us that each choice has its own consequences and rewards. It serves as reminder to weigh up every decision carefully, paying attention to every detail so that the most optimum decision is made. Refraining from rash decisions, the Two of Swords symbolizes patience and restraint, the need to make decisions with awareness and caution.

The Duplicity of the Two of Swords

If there exists one keynote to the Two of Swords, it would be balance. Balance between two hostile forces, between the heart and the mind, and between extremes. Embodying the concepts of diplomacy and justice, the two of swords tarot card’s message is about maintaining balance between two sides, regardless of how appealing one argument may seem.

The swords in the card also call to mind the intelligence and discernment that must take place when considering this card. A decision made during a conflict must be a considered one, as any rush for one side or the other may have drastic consequences. This card serves as a warning not to be too hasty or act too impulsively. It is only through careful contemplation of both sides that a balanced resolution can be achieved.

The inner turmoil as depicted in this card can for many be reflective of their own life situations. Its marks the reality that we must often face hard decisions that are surrounded by emotional barriers. Here the card challenges us to look within ourselves to be able to acknowledge any fears that may be hindering us from choosing a side. Lets us apply our intellect and reason, to be able to see the bigger picture and make a wise and objective decision.

The two of swords tarot card also depicts a situation that calls for a vigilante’s heart: a caretaker who will take on both pain and suffering and take responsibility for finding a resolution for both sides. It hints at a situation in which both parties must be willing to make concessions in order to come to an understanding and find the courage to take action.

The dual incisions of the two swords represent the polarization of ideas and the difficulties faced when feeling unable to mediate between them, often trapping us in a state of unending deliberation. This is why the card is a warning to take action and cut through the illusions of confusion. We must focus on the idea of integrating the opposing sides and see the composure that lies beyond.


In conclusion, the Two of Swords tarot card is a reminder that no conflict needs to be permanent, and that nothing is ever black & white. It prompts us to break the chains of unresolved issues, and to research and analyze all angles of the situation to come to a mutual understanding. We must be both resolute in analyzing the consequences of each choice and patient in understanding the benefits of each side. The Two of Swords offers relief that no issue in life remains unsolved if we are willing to care and be vigilant.

When faced with difficult decisions, the Two of Swords despairs us to observe the situation objectively, to avoid personal biases and to identify the potential consequences of either action. The key here is to remain patient and practice cautious consideration, so that an equilibrium is met between both sides. We must guard against our pride and refuse to be swayed by our emotions.

The Two of Swords provides a sense of comfort in telling us that each decision has a starting point, and that each end, no matter how minuscule, has the potential to bring about change. We must be steadfast in finding a conciliatory resolution, which can be done with the intellectual evaluation of both sides.

The Symbolism of the Two of Swords

The Two of Swords tarot card is symbolic of an endless battle between two seemingly opposing forces. The two crossed swords form a barrier that has been set up in order to prevent either from invading the other’s space. This is a visual reminder of the querent’s need to find the balance between their emotions and rationality.

The design of the card is set within a crescent moon which is representative of the waxing and waning of the moon which many see as an indication of the cyclical nature of life and the power of balance. The crescent moon is a sign of duality, a reminder that the balance between two sides is ever-changing. The moon is also a reminder of the inner wisdom that can be harnessed in times of stress – and that when two conflicting forces are challenging the querent, they can draw upon their intuition in order to make rational decisions.

The figure in the Two of Swords tarot card takes one further invite – for us to be mindful of the impact of our actions. Here we are shown a blindfolded figure, which alludes to someone who unable to see past what is currently transpiring. To be successful in managing the conflicting forces within, we must be aware of the implications each action has. Only once we can evaluate the outcomes that may arise, can we make informed decisions.

The colour blue of the card alludes to the purity of the heart and mind. This is a reminder that we must remain level-headed and remain impartial when facing a difficult situation and navigating two competing points of view. The blue waters in the card also remind us of the stagnant nature of the querent’s current state, as they are unable to make a decision.

Interpreting the Two of Swords

The Two of Swords tarot card can appear in times of confusion, indecisiveness and bewilderment. It may also appear when we feel unable to move on from our current situation and to break the constructs that have been placed upon us. It may be that either side appears too intimidated to respond, or that both parties are unable to find a resolution. It is the impediment of these two forces that the Two of Swords is asking us to resolve.

The positioning of the swords are a visual reminder of the tips of a scale – one weighted more heavily than the other. They are a representation of the internal battle between two sides, and our need to find balance and impartiality. In many respects the swords are asking us to remain level-headed and mindful of the potential consequences before any decision is reached.

The Two of Swords often appears during a time of confusion and is merely a reminder that the questions that have been presented to us are not simple ones, and that the solutions we are searching for are complex ones. This card tells us that we must take time to ground ourselves and assess all potential options, to then reach an outcome that will be beneficial to all.

Most of all, the card lets us know that we do not have to face these challenges alone. Difficult decisions are best made with a fair and discerning heart. We must never forget the notion of peaceful resolution, to bring balance amongst the opposing sides.

Contrary Interpretations

The Two of Swords is not always a positive card, and it can often be representative of being overly restrained. Here it is telling us to be hesitant in our decisions, not to trust our intuition, and to seek external counsel and advice. It teaches us that a decision must be made with deliberation and should not be a forceful one.

It can also represent a stasis between two opposing ideologies: the mind and the heart. To move forward, we will have to venture onto unknown paths and risk making impulsive decisions in order to do so. If the Two of Swords appears in this manner, it is a warning that you must remain vigilant and to safeguard yourself from being too rash or emotionally led.

On the flip side, it is possible that this card may represent an individual who is just too afraid to take up any action as they are too entrenched in the aura of indecision. Here, the swords are warning us to break this cycle and to move forward. It is time to take off the blindfold and to follow your heart and your intuition.

Ultimately, the Two of Swords reminds us that all decisions should be made with discernment and consideration. We must remain impartial throughout the process and embrace both sides of the argument before taking any immediate action. We must trust ourselves and our judgement that the decisions we make will be to the benefit of all.

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