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Understanding the Queen of Cups and Feelings for Me

As simple as it may sound, understanding the Queen of Cups and its potential effects on my emotions has been one of the most arduous tasks I have ever faced. It is a major arcana card, one which speaks of emotional and spiritual power, representing the search for inner truth and passion. It brings to us a need for understanding of the feelings and areas of the heart that often go unexamined. This is where I find myself, teetering between confusion and understanding, as I learn more about this dreaded card of emotion and ambition.

The Queen of Cups symbolises my own personal journey in self-discovery. It emphasizes my feelings, my intuition, and even my imagination in understanding what makes me me. With the support of this archetype, I feel capable of facing the dark emotions that disturb my inner peace. I can no longer be scared of my emotions; instead, I can learn from them, appreciate them, even leverage from them. It is a task that will takes all my courage and strength, and embracing it has become my mission.

In understanding and embracing the Queen of Cups, I seek to elevate my emotional resonance. I want to use my feelings to unlock a deeper level of understanding, and to guide me even further than my intellect can take me. Staring into the cup is like engaging in a personal meditation, a challenge that requires me to dig deep to reconcile my inner and outer worlds and to stay present with my intuition.

I can feel the Queen of Cups stirring my heart and uncovering layers of understanding and empathy like no other card can. As I progress through my journey, I have begun to embrace heartache, doubt, and fear with love, and creativity is now my companion. The air of caution that is generally associated with the Queen of Cups has turned into exciting opportunities and sheer hope for me.

It is clear to me that no other tarotcard, or even person, can bring the same magic or strength that the Queen of Cups can. As I accept and continue on my journey, I gradually make space for emotions to ebb and flow, whenever and however they may come into my life. I am learning to foster these feelings and nurture them, hoping for them to blossom and exhale into the world around me.

The Queen of Cups may be a dreaded card, but it is a card of extraordinary beauty and potential energy. By understanding the Queen of Cups, I can recognise how my feelings and emotions are integral, and part of me. I can use them to my advantage, embrace my vulnerability, and create inspiring stories for myself and others.


The Queen of Cups is an ambassador for vulnerability. It is a reminder that the power to feel is a strength and not a weakness, and an opportunity for me to embrace and understand my vulnerabilities, with compassion and humility. As I come to understand the Queen of Cups, I have experienced moments of intense vulnerability, moments that I used to avoid or ignore. By being with these emotions instead, I have also opened myself up to an understanding and acceptance of all the different waves and nuances of personhood.

By understanding the Queen of Cups, I have cultivated the courage to accept myself as I am, rather than how I think I should be. I now know that I am enough, and I can trust that I’ll always find the answers within me. I understand that in order to get a bird’s-eye view of my journey, I must first ground myself and trust my inner knowing without comparing myself to others. This expands my understanding of vulnerability significantly, making me kinder and more compassionate to who I am and what I’m feeling.

The Queen of Cups lets me see that vulnerability can be a source of strength, enabling me to take risks and learn from my mistakes. I can then apply this vulnerability to approach life with greater fearlessness, while also embracing its grit, grime and imperfections. I’m conscious that it’s okay to go wrong and to make mistakes, and that’s something I wouldn’t have been able to understand without this card.

The journey of understanding the Queen of Cups has given me the insight to devices little escapes and rituals, to find solace in her embrace when life gets overwhelming. Even if just for a moment, I can take a deep breath and understand that I am connected to my feelings, without judgement.

The Queen of Cups drives me to be gentle with myself and to take the time to engage with my inner world. It’s an understand that if I want to experience real joy and boundless ambition, I must first embrace the unknown and accept that a little vulnerability is necessary.


The Queen of Cups is also an ambassador for intuition. It lets me look into my soul and experience emotions with greater clarity and connection. The Queen of Cups encourages me to stop and pause in order to ask myself how I feel, listen to my inner voice, and trust in the answers I get.

I understand that it is only when I nurture this ‘gut feeling’ approach, that I can truly plot my ambitions and find the strength to move forward. The power of this card helps me to recognise, appreciate, and learn to leverage my emotional strength and my capacity to feel.

It is true to say that the Queen of Cups allow me to collapse into the comfort of my feelings and listen to my intuition, and then turn courage into action.It is through my intuition that I am able to live moment to moment, taking risks that I otherwise would not, and navigating the possibilities that life has to offer.

The Queen of Cups instils me with insight to create a deeper level of connection with myself and the world around me. I understand that the key to unlocking powerful insights lies in unlocking the intensity of my feelings and learning to trust my inner whisper. The more I trust in my intuition, the stronger my decision making becomes, and the more in touch I am with realising my ambitions.

The Queen of Cups reminds me that I have an inner knowing and is a reminder of the need to stay in ‘the lab’ and to continuously work on developing and nurturing this intuition.

It teaches me that the more I listen to this inner compass, the more I open up to bitcoin the answers I already have within. As I progress through understanding the Queen of Cups, I am now conscious that sometimes the answers may not come easily, or even seem clear. Yet I can trust that with a little time and dedication, my intuition will never let me down.


Being in love is one of life’s greatest gifts, and understanding the Queen of Cups has opened my heart to a different more profound form of love. As I have been able to explore my feelings and emotions, I have come to also appreciate the need for romantic and spiritual love, love for oneself and love for humanity.

The Queen of Cups lets me experience and harness my emotioanlthal energy, and to use that knowledge to understand and strengthen my love and relationships with others. It encourages me to develop an undaunting and unapologetic love for all – to bring forth a depth of feelingness that has no limits.

I understand that I that this form of love can be threatening, as if I really love someone, I might wind up getting hurt. But I also understand that by exposing myself to the intensity of my feelings, I will be able to experience true, unconditional love.

The Queen of Cups has taught me that love is not only found in fairy tales and happy endings, but that it exists in the willingness to take risks. It is about having faith in something bigger and more meaningful that will sometimes be outside of our control.

My relationship with this Queen has enabled me to open up to love’s risk-taking, and trust that I have the resilience to withstand hurt. I have the capability and passion to go through the voyage and experience love with its full spectrum, from its darkest moments to its brightest stars. Even if it may take me to scary places, the Queen of Cups remind me that love’s potential is boundless if only I am bold enough to be vulnerable.


The Queen of Cups often represents a journey filled with fear, one in which the fear of the unknown will test and even try to break my courage. Understanding this card’s energy has shown me that if I accept the fear of the unknown, I will find a strength unfamiliar to me.

Although it can be tempting to stay in the comfort zone, the Queen of Cups encourages me to go into uncharted territories and understand the fear in its metastasis. I have learned to observe my fear, without judgement, and let it pass. I now understand that fear may come to me journey, but it does not need to dictate me choices.

I have learned to create an emotional dialogue with my fear, rather than allowing bun reactions or allowing it to block me. By understanding the Queen of Cups, I can recognise the fear for what it is and be realistic about it.

In doing so, I understand that it’s about understanding what I am capable of, seeing that fear can often be a source of strength. It is then that I can understand that with fear comes great potential – to take risks, to grow stronger, and to discover untapped dives of self-confidence and trueness.

Understanding the Queen of Cups has helped me to realise that, although there is no real push-button to get rid of fear completely, I can use my fear as an impetus to move me forward. By letting my fear provide a healthy resilience in taking risks, I can create my own uphoria and find a blissful and terrifyingly beautiful balance.


Joy is a feeling that many of us seek, and understanding the Queen of Cups has enabled me to take the joy I experience with me as I move forward in life. The Queen of Cups lets me feel the joy deeply, understand it completely, and live in it, no strings attached.

It teaches me that I can use joy to create an inner sanctuary for myself. Joy can break me out of my comfort zone, and enable me to create that which my heart desires. I understand that joy and pain walk side by side – one without the other is short-lived.

The Queen of Cups has shown me that joy is the totality of my emotional range; that joy and sorrow exists in tandem, and knowing this allows me to find understanding and connection. It has given me courage to know that sometimes joy is found in the everyday moments that I thought were insignificant.

With the Queen of Cups, I have learned that joy can be extremely empowering. When I truly experience joy in its fullness, it can give me a force of strength to go after my dreams and to live life to the fullest and fullest.

By understanding the Queen of Cups, I have opened myself up to understanding love, intuition and fear. I have allowed joy into my life, by being present and taking chances. By evaluating and balancing all these elements, I continue to uncover new fathoms of knowledge, and to pursue the happiness and contentment I am searching for.

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