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Six of Cups Tarot Card – Explanation and Summary

Do you want to know more about the Six of Cups tarot card? Its symbolic interpretation, upright meaning, and reversed meaning can offer insight into your life’s journey. Plus, an example reading helps bring the card to life. Discover what this card might mean for you and how it relates to your current situation.

Overview of the Six of Cups Tarot Card

You’ll often find the Six of Cups card representing nostalgia, childhood memories, and a sense of innocence. It often symbolizes looking back at our past connections and experiences with fondness. The card shows two children sharing cups of tea or water, which represent an exchange of joy and goodwill between them. The child in the foreground is offering a cup to another in the background โ€“ suggesting that kindness can be shared even between those who are distant from one another. This card also represents new beginnings as it implies that we can learn from our childhood memories and use what we’ve learned to create something new. In many cases, this card suggests taking a step towards healing old wounds or finding closure after an emotional experience. On a more general level, it’s a reminder that we shouldn’t forget our roots as they still shape who we are today.

Symbolic Interpretation of the Six of Cups Tarot Card

Yours is a tale of nostalgia and innocence when it comes to the Six of Cups. It symbolizes childhood memories, the sweet taste of past loves, and a deep sense of longing that still lingers in your heart. The card itself is a reminder to look back fondly on the experiences you’ve had in life while also allowing yourself to move forward. This card can be seen as a representation of nostalgic feelings that can help bring about healing and closure for those who need it. It encourages you to embrace what was once simple, innocent moments that may have been forgotten or overlooked in favor of more difficult matters. The Six of Cups encourages you to look back on these moments with joy and appreciation rather than sorrow or regret.

Upright Meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot Card

When you draw the Six of Cups in an upright position, it typically symbolizes nostalgia and joy from past experiences. Childhood memories come to the surface, along with a longing for days gone by. This card can indicate that nostalgic feelings are providing comfort and peace.

  • Recalling fond times with friends or family
  • Contentment found in revisiting cherished moments
  • A deep appreciation for shared pleasantries

Reversed Meaning of the Six of Cups Tarot Card

When reversed, the Six of Cups can represent a period of stagnation due to looking too backwards. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, it warns against becoming overly focused on nostalgia and unresolved issues from the past. The Six of Cups advises that you move away from sentimentality and choose to learn from the past, rather than living in it. This can be difficult when emotions are high, but it’s necessary if you want to break through any existing blockages and progress forward. Taking action instead of relying on memories will be key for finding balance and potential for growth in the future.

Example Readings With the Six of Cups Tarot Card

Reading the Six of Cups card can help you understand how to overcome nostalgia and move forward in life. This card often appears when we’re feeling trapped in childhood memories or long for a simpler time. To decipher its meaning, consider the card’s imagery: a young person offering six cups full of flowers. Here are three ways this card might be interpreted:

  • Nostalgia is not a bad thing; it’s natural to look back on fond memories as we continue our journey.
  • Childhood memories can provide invaluable lessons that will serve us well in adulthood.
  • Recognizing what has been lost, allows us to truly appreciate what we still have now. By reflecting on these themes, the Six of Cups encourages us to embrace our past while taking steps into our future.


You have now learned the meaning of the Six of Cups tarot card, both upright and reversed. This card symbolizes nostalgia, innocence, and positive connections with the past. When it appears in a reading, it encourages you to look back fondly on your roots and remember where you came from. The Six of Cups can also signify new beginnings as well as healing and growth. So whether it appears upright or reversed in your reading, take comfort that this card brings with it messages of hope for the future.

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