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Is there a tarot reading for business?

For those wishing to gain an insight into their business’s potential future, tarot readings certainly hold a certain appeal. After all, it does seem to provide some external guidance – with permission and consent – to identify patterns that may not have been directly seen as a result of our immediate cognitive focus.

Tarot readers will usually start from a point of encouraging the individual to reflect on areas of their search query, which can then be used in order to determine the cards to draw. The cards then, hopefully, provide powerful insights in the form of symbols and metaphors, which could offer clues to the future of the business.

The concept of a tarot reading for business, however, is a controversial one. For those that believe in the supernatural, and opt to seek it out in order to aid their business decisions, consider these readings as a tool for support. However, cynics and skeptics, on the other hand, are likely to question the degree to which the validity of the cards can be trusted.

But tarot readings are not so straightforward. After all, they are not just the option to provide us with a lucky number. In fact, tarot readings work in a far more nuanced way. Tarot readers provide interpretations of the cards, and create deeper meaning within the cards by combining them with their own unique understanding of astrology, metaphysics, and the archetype universe – signifiers that suggest the direction in which a business may be heading.

For those who still practice tarot readings, they will often take care to make sure that their interpretation of the cards will be aligned with the individual’s situation, and even encourage the individual to nurture a strong connection with the cards. This connection, it is believed, can allow the individual to access their intuition more deeply, and gain a better understanding of whatever it is they are hoping to achieve.

The truth is that, although there is not much scientific evidence to back up tarot readings, it is this intuitive, symbolic approach that has been practiced for centuries. Whether you are looking to make a major business decision, or want to simply explore the ideas of symbolic interpretation, tarot readings may be of use.

What Does a Tarot Reading Consist of?

When it comes to a tarot reading for business, it typically focuses on two aspects: where the business currently stands, and what the future of the business may be. These two aspects can be deconstructed further by looking at the particular questions the reader may ask, such as: how profitable will the business be? What can the individual do to make the most of their business? What possible problems may arise on the horizon, and what solutions are there to combat them?

In many readings, the individual will be asked to set up the cards to provide the answers – a process which typically takes place before any cards are drawn. This can be used to create a direct link with the individual’s subconscious mind, allowing for a better interpretation of the reading. In order to do this, the reader will create a bond of trust between the individual and the deck of cards – a bond which may result in more insight-providing answers.

Tarot readers will typically provide interpretations and advice on the matter, ranging from decisions to be made in the near future, to the more long-term implications of a decision. During a tarot reading, they may even recommend completing additional readings to ensure that the matter is explored to its fullest, and that the look for future insight is deeper.

However, a tarot reading will focus on far more than just help with business decisions. It takes into account individual lifestyle choices, and the impacts they have upon businesses. The reader will often advise the individual on the implications of different freedom of action or inaction due to the choices they make.

More importantly, a good tarot reader will understand the individual’s goals and motivations, and ‘read’ the cards accordingly. In this way, the reader can act as a mediator between the reading and the individual, interpreting the cards carefully, and providing actionable advice that can then be used in any business situation.

What Can a Tarot Reading Accomplish?

The primary goal of tarot readings for business is to help gain clarity on the individual situation and offer insight into possible solutions to any current issues they may be facing.

Many readers will use these readings to promote a constructive approach, helping individuals to see possibilities through the use of and interpretation of the cards. They work to point to core issues that should be addressed in order to allow progress in any situation.

A good tarot reader knows when to hold back certain information, so as not to influence the individual in any way that could adversely affect the situation. This means that the individual is able to act independently, with their own informed ideas being the ultimate deciding factor in the direction they take – and the cards only providing guidance.

A tarot reading can enable a greater sense of clarity in any issue. Whilst the solution to any business problem may not have been pre-determined or clearly outlined, these readings can help by shining a light on those emotional and cognitive pathways that may be hidden due to individual cognitive misdirection or a lack of outside perspective.

Tarot readings can also highlight any current or upcoming opportunities, and help uncover the potential of the situation by providing a direct insight into the individual’s motivations and overall aims, as well as how to best approach their business situation.

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit from Tarot Readings?

Because tarot readings aim to provide a deeper insight into individual situations, they can benefit almost any form of business, regardless of the sector it is operating in. Whether an individual is running a small business or a larger organisation, a tarot reading could help bring fresh perspectives to any stalled projects or current roadblocks and newly forming strategies that can lead to potential opportunities.

One way to determine the kind of businesses that could benefit from tarot readings is to look at the kind of questions that can be addressed. These kinds of readings can work for entrepreneurs that are looking to launch a new product, but also works just as well for those who are looking for guidance regarding a specific employee issue or a team conflict.

In essence, tarot readings are about seeking insight into unknown situations. While many people take this form of consultation as being purely ‘magic’ related, those who have experience in this area of knowledge often understand the real power that a good tarot reading can have in any type of business.


Tarot readings can offer assistance to individuals wishing to gain some insight into their business potential future. For those who believe in the supernatural, tarot readings can be used as a tool for support. The purpose of a tarot reading is to provide interpretations of the cards that make up the reading, and create deeper meaning with their own understanding of the archetype universe. Tarot readings can offer clarity in any issue and highlight current or upcoming opportunities, and may benefit almost any form of business.

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