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How to do a 12 Month Tarot Spread

The art of tarot is one of interpreting the nuances of symbols and emotions expressed in the illustrated cards. Tarot spreads are intended to help provide the querent with answers to specific questions or spiritual guidance. One of the most effective and insightful spreads to utilize is the 12-month tarot spread.

This type of tarot spread is a reading that is done on a yearly basis to get a broad overview of what can be expected in the current year. It is also a great way to gain insights on the energies and emotions that the querent will be dealing with over the course of the year. This helps to provide greater understanding and clarity on anything that needs to be focused on.

When doing a 12-month tarot spread, the querent should take out and shuffle the deck of tarot cards, while reflecting on the reading and their question. Then, lay down the cards in a clock wise circle, with 12 cards spaced evenly around the circle. The importance of the placement should not be overlooked, as this will provide clues to the overall message of the spread.

Once the cards have been arranged, it is a good idea for the querent to focus on one card at a time and truly meditate and reflect on the card’s symbolism and message. Also, the querent should take note of the card’s position in the spread, as this is a powerful indicator of the timing for when the events associated to the card will take place during the year.

The querent should also take time to note the connections between cards and the overall story that is being expressed. Other elements such as the suit of the card, the number of each card, and the overall theme must also be taken into consideration as each will provide more depth and detail.

Finally, the querent should conclude the spread by making an offering, such as a basic candle lit ritual or affirmation to thank the tarot cards for the insights gained and the guidance provided. This type of closure creates a symbol of power and respect for the energies which the querent has opened up to. This is powerful and transformative, and is a necessary part of the process.

What to Consider for Each Month

Each tarot card will represent a specific month and offer insight into what energies the querent will experience and address. Thus, a great deal of energy will go into understanding and interpreting the card. Once the querent has a better understanding of the card, they can ask themselves what messages the cards have specifically for them that will be relevant.

The querent should also ask themselves how they can use the lessons and symbols provided by the cards for gaining greater self-awareness. What new skills can be developed and utilized to ensure that the querent will navigate each month in the most positive and inspired of ways.

For each card the querent should also consider the advice it is offering for the immediate goals the querent intends to pursue. Goals that reflect the greater goals on which the querent is focused. These should be concrete goals that can be checked off as the month progresses and are completed.

The querent should also take note of the position of the card, as the positions in the spread can help provide further insight on the card’s energies. Keeping in mind that the cards at the center will manifest as those that the querent is meant to use as an anchor throughout the year.

Finally, the querent should always recall that tarot reading uses symbols and energies, and they should contemplate the actual symbolic and energetic meaning of each card. They should note what stood out to them the most, and what feelings the card evoked in them, what resonated with their soul.

Remembering the Reversed Cards

A reversed card in a tarot spread is one which is upside down in relation to the other cards. This sometimes causes querents to seek for a different card, however, this is not necessary. A reversed card indicates that the querent should pay extra attention to some specific area associated to that card.

This means that certain things that the card signifies will be out of balance or may be unable to manifest. Thus, a reversed card still delivers an important message, as it reveals the hidden obstacles or fears that the querent needs to address in order to move forward.

The querent also needs to pay more attention to the tarot’s traditional meanings behind the card. As it is often the case that the potential for confrontation or opposition exists and needs to be handled in a careful and respectful manner.

When interpreting reversed cards, the querent should remember that they have the capacity to deal with any issues hand with greater insight. They can call for a deeper understanding of their situation, reflect on what the messages are attempting to say, and apply their own personal experience to interpret the messages and find the best solution.

Crossing Over to Heal

Crossing over cards is when tarot cards from previous months had their energies blurring the lines between them. This can happen in the querent’s 12 month tarot spread when several cards appear to be similar in nature, and they may suggest connections that were not fully addressed in the interpretation of the card.

Crossing over cards can also signify a need for healing or a re-balancing of the energies. As such,when crossing over cards occur in the tarot spread, the querent should meditate on the card’s messages and ask themselves how to further apply the card’s energies for healing and unification.

The querent can also find guidance in understanding their unresolved issues if they orient the focus of the spread’s interpretation to healing. It is also important to note that crossing over cards can signify the need to bring closure to certain situations, as the blurring of the energies of the cards indicates a time for resolutions.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys

The cards that appear in the tarot spread can be grouped as either upper cards or lower cards. The upper cards reflect the energies of the sky and are seen as being of a higher vibration. These cards are associated to the awareness, understanding, and cycles of understanding gathered throughout the year.

The lower cards represent the energies of the earth, and they are related to the overall lessons. These cards are viewed as being of a lower vibration, and they outline the obstacles that have to be overcome and the difficulties that need to be addressed in order for the querent to experience a successful year.

Upper cards signify the growth and evolution of the querent, while lower cards signify areas where the querent needs to slow down and pay extra attention and care. It is important to understand the difference between these cards, so that the querent can recognize when a card needs to be taken into a deeper perspective, or if it is simply providing insight into the greater spiritual lessons.

Aligning with the Higher Self

When doing a 12 month tarot spread, the querent should take time to reflect on how their true self is being reflected in their reading. This goes hand in hand with understanding the energies expressed by each card, as there is great promise in recognizing your true identity and aligning yourself with it.

Meditation should be used to access the deeper meanings and symbols of the tarot cards to gain a greater understanding of yourself and how you can best help yourself. Such understanding is a powerful catalyst for personal transformation and growth.

The querent should also use the energies of the tarot cards to gain insight into how they can integrate the energies of the Divine into their life. This can be done by connecting and meditating on the tarot card and its message with the goal of understanding how this card can help unite the querent with their higher self.

Facing the Shadow Self

When presenting itself, the shadow self may feel like uncomfortable, or let’s say scary, emotions. That’s why one of the greatest elements of the 12 month tarot spread is allowing the querent to explore their shadow self with less fear and react to it in more constructive ways, since tarot will provide meaningful insights and better course of action.

By diving deep into the tarot spread, the querent will be able to recognize how their actions and reactions have been impacted by their shadow self and identify its common traits. Then, once awareness around the nature of the shadow self is gained, the querent will be presented with the opportunity to integrate those traits as their own.

The querent should also remember that all emotions, both good and bad, should be addressed in a healthy way. This includes recognizing the beauty of the light and dark within, and embracing them both as equally important and meaningful parts of the overall journey.

Trusting the Journey

To best utilize the potential of a 12 month tarot spread the querent should learn to trust the tarot cards and their responses. Trusting the messages received will ensure that the querent is best able to garner insights and gain clarity on the areas that are of importance.

It can be difficult for some to trust in the messages that appear, but this requires a shift in perspective. The querent should remember that there is no fate or destiny, and the tarot cards offer a reflection of the current energies that are present in the querent’s life. They are also a representation of the querent’s own inner wisdom and intuition.

The querent should also remember that a 12 month tarot spread can provide a powerful means for understanding the timing and sequence of events, which can be incredibly helpful in navigating the year. No matter what cards show up in the spread the querent should always remember to trust in the journey and to be open to whatever new experiences may be in store.

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