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Combining the Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups in a Tarot Reading

The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups are both powerful cards found in the Tarot deck. When combined in a reading, they provide an image of the journey one is on, as well as the opportunities and challenges they may face along the way.

The Wheel of Fortune beckons us to take a leap. It reveals that we have so much potential as individuals and that we must take initiative in order to actualize that potential. The Wheel is full of energy and speaks to the choices we make in the here and now, and the steps we must take to move foward in life. The Page of Cups, on the other hand, symbolizes potential new beginnings. It is associated with the start of something and symbolizes a chance to begin anew with an open heart and mind.

When the Wheel and Page are combined it presents a beautiful image of self discovery and expansion. The energy of the Wheel compels us to take action while the Page speaks to our innate desire to explore and create something new. It is a reminder that if we are willing to open our hearts and minds to possibility, we can access powerful and meaningful opportunities.

At the same time, this combination of cards can also represent difficulty on the journey. The Wheel of Fortune sometimes brings challenges that must be faced if we are to progress. It can be a reminder that although life can be unpredictable, we have the capacity to manoeuvre our lives to benefit us in the long term. The Page, on the other hand, can represent a fear of branching into unknown territory and can urge us to take baby steps to explore our full potential.

When it comes to a Tarot reading, the Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups combination suggest that the seeker is on a journey and being presented with different opportunities. The challenge lies in deciphering which opportunities are the right ones for them, and having the courage to pursue them. It is a reminder that although life can be frightening and unpredictable, we can still access breathtaking new realms of opportunity if we stay open and brave.


The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups encourage transformation and growth in unexpected areas. It can be a reminder that everything around us is constantly evolving and transforming and that if we are willing to open ourselves to change, new opportunities can be embraced. The Page urges us to explore things that may be outside of our comfort zone, while the Wheel nudges us to take a risk and follow an unfamiliar path with courage.

The combination of the Wheel and Page warns us that if we don’t adapt and evolve, we may be left behind. It is all too easy to be complacent and stagnant and not brave the unknown waters of change, but without taking risks, we cannot experience beautiful new experiences nor push ourselves to grow further.

The Unexpected Journey

The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups cards also bring with them the sense of unpredictability. Every journey is different and no outcome is guaranteed. It is a reminder that life is full of surprises and that we often make gains in the most unexpected areas.

This card combination encourages us to take ownership of our choices and have faith in the process. By recognising our own potential and believing that anything is possible, we can use these cards to map out a positive path for ourselves in the future.


The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups are also a reminder to go within and to carry out spiritual and self-care rituals. By carving out a spiritual practice, we can equip ourselves with the tools and confidence to traverse both the amazing realms of possibility that are open to us and the difficult terrain of challenge.

It is only by taking the time to actively touch base with our spiritual exists and nurture our emotional being that we can make use of all the potentials that life has to offer us. This card combination speaks to the power of self-reflection and ritual and encourages us to nurture and nourish our personal growth.


The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups are also a reminder to maintain curiosity and have an open mind. This card combination speaks to the power of creativity and exploration and encourages us to access the vast mysteries of life that have yet to be revealed.

It also speaks to the power of imagination and the exploration of ideas that come from outside our comfort zones. It encourages us to unlock the potential in everyone and everything that is around us and to recognise the immense beauty that comes with asking ‘what if?’.


The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups also represent the power of connection, particularly that connection with ourselves and with the world around us. It encourages us to embrace our relationships, explore our own worth and develop meaningful connection with others.

The combination of these two cards remind us of the importance of looking for the potential in every encounter, to build meaningful connections with people and to take steps to create a life that honours our innermost desires.


The Wheel of Fortune and Page of Cups are also deeply connected to prosperity and abundance. It is a reminder to look for pockets of joy amidst the challenges of life, to revel in the successes and acknowledge the blessings we have.

This card combination speaks to the power of manifestation and the importance of visualising our dreams. It encourages us to look for opportunity everywhere, to surround ourselves with positive energy and take steps to pursue what brings us true abundance.

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