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What are Birth Chart Degrees and What do they mean?

Have you heard about birth chart degrees? These mysterious numbers and symbols can tell you a great deal about your own personality and those around you. But what are birth chart degrees, and what do they mean? Let’s have a closer look!

Birth charts are like a celestial map of your soul. They take into account several different factors, from the date and time of your birth, to the position of the planets at the moment of your birth. All of these elements come together to form your birth chart degrees – and these numbers and symbols can give you great insight into yourself and those around you if you choose to pay attention to them.

Your birth chart is a full circle of 360 degrees which can be divided further into twelve 30-degree divisions. Each of these divisions have their own unique characteristics and can give you a lot of insight into the kind of life events, relationships, and opportunities will come your way throughout the years.

Just like any other language, birth chart degrees have their own set of symbols which can represent them. The most common of these symbols are the zodiac signs – which you may already be familiar with. Each zodiac sign is associated with a particular birth chart degree, and can provide a great deal of insight into how you may be feeling during any particular moment.

But birth chart degrees can do more than just provide you with some information on your inner workings – they can also be used to help you understand the world around you in greater detail. By paying attention to the birth chart degrees of those close to you, you can gain a greater understanding of their motivations and behavior, as well as the changes which may be happening in their lives.

Furthermore, birth chart degrees can also be used to help you make important decisions. By tracking the movements of the planets and observing the birth chart degrees which appear in the sky, you can learn when may be the best time to take risks or embark on a new venture. Equally, you can also be on the lookout for periods where you should play it safe and stay on the home ground.

As you can see, birth chart degrees can provide people with an excellent source of information – but they shouldn’t be relied on entirely. Whilst the insights of the birth chart can be incredibly helpful, they should be used as a tool, rather than a crutch. Rather than formulaically applying the information gleaned from your birth chart degrees, use them to be the foundation of your own research – cross-referencing your findings with your own intuition to build a complete picture of a situation.

What is the Purpose of Birth Chart Degrees?

Birth chart degrees are an invaluable tool for gaining a greater understanding of your own personality, as well as those around you. By looking at the position of the planets and the symbols associated with your birth chart, you can gain insight into the kind of life experiences and opportunities you’re likely to find – from relationships and career advancements, to creative outlets and personal growth experiences.

Using this insight into your own character can help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to take advantage of your strengths and create strategies which means you can work around your weaknesses. It can also help you identify patterns in your life, such as coming across the same type of situation or relationships, and how you might be able to break out of these cycles.

On the other hand, examining the birth charts of those close to you can help you understand why someone may be behaving in a manner which you find confusing. It can allow you to pinpoint the reason behind certain reactions or interactions, and can be used to help you create better relationships and more meaningful connections.

In essence, birth chart degrees can help you gain insight into yourself and those around you – allowing you to create a better understanding of your complex personalities, as well as the nature of your connections. With a better understanding of these, you can use the information to begin crafting the life you want, making more informed decisions, and starting to give your life a greater sense of purpose and direction.

How Do Birth Chart Degrees Impact Our Lives?

Birth chart degrees can have a huge impact on our lives – they can determine how we feel, how we relate to others, our psychology, and the overall direction of our lives. Whether we choose to listen to them or ignore them, they can still have significant influence.

For example, the planets and their respective birth chart degrees can dictate the peaks and dips in our emotional states. Whilst we cannot expect our emotions to remain constant, the movements of the planets during any particular time can indicate that an increase or decrease in emotion is likely to occur.

These movements can also influence our behavior. We may find ourselves acting in certain manner which we are generally unaccustomed to. Depending on which birth chart degrees respectively align with our own, we may find ourselves emphasizing different personality traits even further than usual, such as being more confident, more affectionate, or more reflective. In any case, recognizing this influence can help us better understand our reactions and those around us.

Our birth chart degrees can also have an impact on our ability to be creative. For example, when the positioning of certain birth chart degrees in relation to our own is particularly harmonious and constructive, we may find ourselves in a peak creative state. Expansive practices such as writing, drawing, and singing may suddenly become rampant, and we may find our minds full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Equally, our birth charts can also reveal areas of life which we may find particular difficulty in. Depending on the position of the planets and their birth chart degrees, we may discover both the strengths and weaknesses of the fields in which we are working, our relationships, and even our own characters. If you choose to accept this information, you can begin formulating solutions so you can work on any areas of your life where you may be struggling.

What is the Effect of Birth Chart Degrees?

The influences of birth chart degrees can often be subtle but powerful. Whilst the channels through which they give advice may not always be easily understood or decipherable, by accepting their advice and guidance, we can start to unlock our own potential.

In this way, the effects of birth chart degrees are often complex but uncanny – by being open to them, we can begin to see the ripples they leave throughout our lives. We can observe the positive and negative influences they have on our career paths, our relationships, and our day-to-day habits. In many cases, just the knowledge that these influences exist can be enough to help us make positive changes in ourselves and others.

Most importantly, birth chart degrees can help us to find our true selves. By recognizing them and being open to the events they precipitate, we can observe the journey of self-discovery which they permit. In the end, the true power of birth chart degrees lies in their ability to help us gain insights into our personalities, allowing us to become more well-rounded and happy individuals.

What Are Birth Chart Degrees Used For?

Birth chart degrees can be used for a range of purposes – identifying current life patterns, determining future opportunities, predicting reactions from others, and evaluating our relationships.

By understanding our birth chart degrees, and how they interact with those of others, we can use this information to identify potential relationships and traits which may be beneficial for us. Ultimately, this knowledge can help us to make better choices and decisions in order to achieve the most fulfilment and happiness in our lives.

Birth chart degrees can also be used to help guide our creative endeavours. By understanding the subtle influences of the birth chart, and the current alignment of the planets, we can have greater insight into times when we are likely to be in a creative state of mind and those times when our creativity may take a dip.

In addition, birth chart degrees can be used as a tool for understanding our psychological traits. By recognizing the different influences of the planets in our birth charts, we can gain further insight into our own tendencies and proclivities, helping us develop our own psychological weightlifting routines that can help work through issues in our lives.

Overall, birth chart degrees are invaluable information-providing tools that can help guide us as we journey through life. Understanding the mysteries of these charts and how they interact with our own lives can unlock our potential for success, inner peace, and self-fulfilment.


Birth chart degrees can provide us with invaluable information on our personalities, as well as those around us. By studying and active utilising these secrets, we can draw upon their power to make better decisions, find more creative paths, and bring greater harmony to our own lives and those of those close to us.

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