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What is Brad Pitt’s Natal Chart?

Brad Pitt’s natal chart is something of an enigma. It’s a collection of astrological data, such as his birth date, time, and location, that provides a holistic view of his character. Despite being widely known for his iconic roles, very few people know the specifics of his natal chart. The reason for this is because natal charts remain largely mysterious and esoteric in the eyes of the public.

Natal charts represent far more complicated concepts than they seem. They are frozen moments in time, they offer a representation of the sky at the moment of birth, and within this information lie answers to many questions. To better understand what a natal chart entails, it is important to consider the zodiac, the twelve astrological signs that encompass the entire sky.

Each sign is associated with a certain element – fire, earth, air, and water – which offers an insight into various dispositions of an individual’s character. Furthermore, the position of the planets at the time of birth offer an even further view into the personality of the individual. To explore the depths of any of these attributes, however, requires a deeper understanding than what can be obtained from the general terms often associated with them.

In the case of Brad Pitt’s chart, it offers unique insight into his personal strengths and areas of growth. According to his natal chart, he has the zodiac signs of Leo (Sun), Sagittarius (Moon), Capricorn (Ascendant), Virgo (Mercury), Gemini (Venus), Sagittarius (Mars), and Aquarius (Jupiter). Each of these astrological signs gives an individual different attributes or areas of challenge throughout their life.

Pitt’s primary natal chart gifts him with a generous and outgoing spirit despite his innate introverted disposition. These qualities are said to be a result of Leo and Sagittarius being found side by side in the solar system, something which is very rare in natal charts. The combination of these two signs is said to give Pitt the ability to stay connected with people while keeping his eyes on the “prizes” of life.

Pitt’s chart features Jupiter in Aquarius which will give him great insights and luck when it comes to finding unique solutions for things. Aquarius is an air sign and is generally associated with being highly creative and having a futuristic mindset. It is also said that Pitt is very compassionate and warm-hearted due to the position of the moon in his chart.

His natal chart also indicates that he is analytical, reliable, and has the capacity to be a great leader. On top of these natural traits and qualities, Pitt’s natal chart is said to give him the ability to turn even the most dire of situations around and come out on the winning side. Certainly, with such favourable planetary positions it is no wonder Pitt has achieved so much success in his lifetime.

A Closer Look at Brad Pitt’s Chart

When looking more closely at Pitt’s natal chart, it becomes clear that he has the capacity to weather substantial challenges while remaining calm and composed. His Sun/Moon combination gives him a great balance between being an out there go getter and a measured, think things through person. Pisces is also found prominently in his natal chart which is said to the planet of dreams, creativity, and intuition, further strengthening Pitt’s artistic flair.

It is also said that Pitt has an undeniable magnetism, which could be evidenced by his star power in the entertainment industry. This likely stems from the strong Fire element in his chart represented by his Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aries ascendant. This gives him an expansive, creative nature and drives his passion for standing up for the underdog.

It is worth noting that Pitt is a Cardinal sign, which indicates that the individual is on an ambitious road and is focused on accomplishing their goals. Additionally, Pitt’s natal chart includes a strong element of Scorpio, the zodiac sign associated with metamorphosis, which many believe is a key part of his unflinching success in the world of entertainment.

Pitt is also a Fixed sign as indicated by his Jupiter in Aquarius, and this indicates that he is the type of person who is not easily rattled and is usually very decisive in the face of difficult decisions. This could be seen through his willingness to take risks in his personal life, for example, when it came to his marriages and relationships.

It is also said that Pitt has a great deal of potential for inner growth due to his natal chart configuration. The combination of his Moon, Jupiter, and Mercury gives him the opportunity to continue to grow in his personal and professional life unhindered. He seems to have an extra dose of tenacity that he can use to overcome any issues that may arise in life.

A Combined Analysis of Brad Pitt’s Chart

When combining all of the elements of Brad Pitt’s natal chart, it becomes easier to understand why he is noted for his tremendous success. Essentially, his chart is a constellation of sorts, an alignment of planets that when combined give a rather accurate representation of who he is as a person. The different planets and signs in his chart suggest a level of resilience and composure that many aspire to but few can reach.

Pitt also has a strong element of Pisces, which is seen by his rising sign and Venus/Jupiter conjunction. This makes him a representative of the sign-of-the-fishes, giving him greater sensitivity and intuition than most. This could be seen in many of his roles over the years, which have consistently showcased his ability to think from the heart and not just the head.

The astrological markers in Brad Pitt’s chart give him a unique combination of optimism, creativity, and ambition that few could match. With his impeccable charm and steadfast determination to stay true to himself, he is an easy representation of the best qualities that astrology could offer. For those who are curious about what Pitt’s natal chart stands for, it is safe to say that his constellation of success speaks volumes about his personality.

Brad Pitt’s Chart and Outer Planet Influences

Although the collection of planets found in Brad Pitt’s natal chart offer an accurate look at his character and behaviour, it is also worth looking at any potential outer planet influences in his chart. These are planets found beyond Saturn, in particular Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and they indicate the presence of transformation in an individual’s life.

Uranus is an electrically charged planet that often offers sudden moments when the individual has to make a big decision or accept some new change in their life. In Pitt’s chart, it is found between his Sun and Mercury, which indicates that his inner communication and decisions in life are not always a straightforward process. Rather, he may often find himself having to go beyond what his logical mind can comprehend in order to move forward.

Neptune, a planet associated with the spiritual realm, is found in Pitt’s chart between his Venus and Jupiter. This could indicate an ability to remain in touch with the spiritual side of life, enabling him to remain grounded when faced with moments of chaos. Additionally, Neptune can also suggest a great amount of creative potential, something that could have helped Pitt in his many acting roles over the years.

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, is found in Pitt’s natal chart between his Mars and Mercury. This indicates the presence of great transformation in his life, with his inner emotions being the primary catalyst for such changes. It is said that the position of Pluto in a person’s chart suggests the presence of great power and the ability to leave a lasting mark on the world.


In conclusion, it is clear that Brad Pitt’s natal chart offers an accurate portrayal of his character and behaviour. His Sun/Moon combination gives him a perfect balance between being an out-loud go getter and a think things through sort of person, and Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto offer an insight into his willingness to make tough decisions, stay spiritual, and go through great transformations in his life. Pitt is a perfect example of what astrology can offer today, and a great testament to how the positioning of the planets at the time of birth can give an individual strength and fortitude.

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