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Which Crystals are Sun Safe?

Crystals, stones, and minerals have been used for centuries as various forms of physical and spiritual healing aids. From the spiritual power derived from diamond rings to the physical benefits found in rock salt lamps, these natural elements have an incredible array of therapeutic effects. When used correctly, crystals can have amazing benefits. Unfortunately, many people don’t think to ask the question: which crystals are safe to expose to extended periods of sunlight?

It is important to remember that the healing benefits of many crystals come from their respective powers of absorbing, storing, and transmitting energy. Therefore, any type of crystal interacting with excessive amounts of light, or any other type of energy, will become weakened. As a result, those crystals lose their power just like any other natural resource. If you want to get the most out of your crystals, then you should do what you can to keep them away from the sun.

Although it may seem like you have to be careful with all crystals, some particular stones are even more sensitive to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Those crystals include turquoise, selenite, and amethyst. Turquoise will fade and start to turn green in direct sunlight over a period of months. Selenite and amethyst can become dull or brittle if exposed to too much sun. To keep your crystals in their best condition, you should keep them out of direct sunlight and instead let them be energized by moonlight instead.

Luckily, there are also crystals that can be kept safely in sunlight. Citrine is a popular crystal that won’t wither in sunlight. This yellowish-orange quartz is likened to the sun, and is said to hold within it the power of the divine sun. Wanting to both bare and bask in the sun’s rays? Give citrine a try.

Secondly, quartz isn’t known to degrade in sunlight. Quartz’s inner power can even be amplified in strong light, whether it’s from the sun or a bright lamp. Additionally, quartz can be used in many gemstone products, such as backpacks, phone cases, and necklaces, that can be worn in direct sunlight.

Another beneficial sun safe crystal is sunstone. As its name implies, this crystal is best powered by the sun’s energy. Sunstone is known for its ability to bring out a person’s inner strength and vitality. It can be helpful in situations where a person needs renewal or a jolt of creative energy.

Healing with Sunstone

Sunstone can bring a person significant amounts of healing energy. Sunstone energizes the wearer’s aura and allows them to be seen and heard. It can help with overcoming any feeling of weakness or having difficulty to take initiative. Sunstone also enables the wearer to keep being true to themselves and ensures that they will not get distracted from their goals or feelings.

Sunstone is especially beneficial when it comes to improving communication. It allows the wearer to use their strength and power to more effectively express themselves. Most importantly, sunstone helps the wearer trust themselves and their ability to learn and grow from difficult situations.

Lastly, sunstone carries with it a fire energy that will help to reduce depression and anxiety. Healthily expressing your feelings is an integral part of staying healthy mentally. Sunstone brings with it warmth and excitement that can help to reignite feelings in a person who might’ve grown cold due to difficult situations.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is ideal for those looking to use crystals and protection from the sun. This dark crystal is able to take in the positive vibes from the sunlight it is exposed to and transmute them into strong energies. Additionally, smoky quartz soothes and clears the mind of excess clutter, making it the perfect crystal for doing outdoor activities in direct sunlight.

Like many other crystals, smoky quartz is able to heal ailments of many kinds. It has the power to help rid the aura of negative emotions and anxieties, providing clarity and spiritual assistance. Despite its darkcolored facade, smoky quartz not only works to transmute mental hardships, but also physical ones. Smoky Quartz is said to cure abdominal ailments and strengthen the nerves.

Smoky quartz is particularly powerful when used for grounding. Grounding with crystals is a process of finding a balance between your physical body, emotions, and the dynamics of the spiritual world. Grounding smoky quartz helps the wearer to not feel overwhelmed, instead feeling focused on the task and its intentions. One can also use smoky quartz to stay connected to the Earth’s energy, and use that energy positively.

Clear Quartz Healing

Another crystal not likely to suffer sun damage is clear quartz. Quartz is known for its unparalleled healing powers and has been used throughout history for a variety of physical, mental, and spiritual purposes. Clear quartz works like a sponge, absorbing the sunshine and releasing its energy in small amounts at a time.

Clear quartz is known for its incredible ability to heal any ailment from physical to emotional. When put in direct contact with the skin during sunshine, clear quartz is able to absorb ailments through its hard surface. It accumulates the pain, sorrow, and negative energy, and then transmutes it into something positive and useful. From nightmares to scoliosis, clear quartz works to balance the body’s energy and within the spiritual world.

Quartz can also be a powerful complement to any spiritual practice. One can meditate with quartz illuminating in the sun, and, as previously mentioned, quartz helps restore your connection to the earth when it is being blocked. Moreover, quartz is a great addition to any energy work or crystal healing. There is no limit to its healing potential when put in direct contact with the sunshine.


In conclusion, the effects of the sun are an important thing to consider when using crystals and stones. Although some crystals and minerals are weakened by sun exposure, there are also many crystals that can benefit from the sun’s energy. Citrine, quartz, and sunstone are all crystals that won’t lose their power when exposed to the sun, and clear quartz even gains power when exposed to the sun. With just a little bit of caution and knowledge, however, you can get the most out of your crystals.

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