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What is an amethyst tub?

An amethyst tub is a luxurious and unique bathing experience that was popularized in Finland and Scandinavia. It is a glass-based bath tub made of rock crystal, which is also known as amethyst. The tub is designed to provide an invigorating and cleansing soak with increased water temperature, circulation, and hydration.

The amethyst tub was brought to Finland in the nineteenth century, allowing Finns to enjoy bathing. Many believe its therapeutic benefits were discovered by the people of the Far North who valued the beauty and natural healing properties of rock crystal for centuries. Although the rock crystal has long been revered for its healing properties, it wasn’t until relatively recently that the amethyst tub was invented.

The benefits of an amethyst bath come from the healing powers of the raw amethyst crystals. It’s said that the rocks can help purify your aura, which in turn benefits both your physical and mental health. Because it’s said to balance your body’s natural energy and remove negativity, soaking in an amethyst tub is said to have a deeply calming effect.

The combination of heat and crystal energy will flush away toxins, impurities, and negative energy from the body. An amethyst tub experience will eliminate fatigue, stress, and other physical and mental ailments. People may experience a sense of calmness and inner peace.

The temperature of an amethyst bath is kept between 75 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be taken for a period of at least twenty minutes. During that time, it is encouraged to meditate and reflect. This is an excellent opportunity to just let go and relax with full body treatment. It’s a unique and luxurious experience that can’t be replicated with a conventional hot tub.

The benefits of an amethyst tub extend beyond physical healing. The uniquely calming atmosphere it provides is not only beneficial to your body, but your mind as well. The combination of energy and heat can cleanse the soul and restore balance and harmony, making it an ideal environment for self-reflection and introspection.

The rock crystal in an amethyst tub is renowned for its healing properties, and it will take away all the tension from your body and mind. After soaking in an amethyst bath, you will emerge with a sense of calm and serenity that you won’t find anywhere else. It will restore your feelings of peace and allow you to put life into perspective.

History of Amethyst Tub

The therapeutic value of rock crystals is thought to be thousands of years old. Ancient civilizations across Europe, the Middle East, and India all made use of various stones and crystals for medicinal purposes. But the amethyst tub is a more modern invention.

The amethyst tub was created in Finland in the 19th century. It was popularized in Scandinavia and Finland by the people of the Far North who embraced the beauty and healing properties of rock crystal. Since its introduction, people have enjoyed the beneficial effects of bathing in an amethyst tub.

As its popularity continues to grow, the amethyst tub has become a source of relaxation and healing for people all over the world. It’s not surprising that with all the stress and exhaustion of modern life, people are looking for natural alternatives to traditional treatments and medications.

With the vast array of therapeutic benefits offered by the amethyst tub, it’s no wonder that it’s becoming a popular choice for people seeking holistic healing. The combination of energy, heat, and healing crystals offers an alternative to pharmaceuticals or traditional spa treatments.

The amethyst tub has come a long way since its introduction to Finland. From a relatively unknown concept to a widely accepted and celebrated form of self-care, the amethyst tub is a unique experience that is not to be missed.

How to Take An Amethyst Tub

Taking an amethyst tub is a surprisingly simple process. First, fill the tub with warm water (ideally between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the water is ready, add the raw amethyst crystals to the tub. With the crystals in the water, it’s time to hop in!

It’s important to remember that the goal of an amethyst bath is to achieve a sense of relaxation and healing. To get the full benefits, it’s best to keep your time in the amethyst tub to about 20 minutes. During that time, it’s important to keep your mind focused on relaxation, reflection, and visualization.

When you’re done with the amethyst bath, drain out the water. Carefully remove the amethyst crystals and store them in a safe container away from any moisture. After that, you’re free to go about your day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and invigorated!

Although it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your amethyst tub is safe and clean, you should also keep in mind that taking an amethyst bath is an opportunity for introspection and bliss. Don’t be afraid to let go and really immerse yourself in the healing powers of the rocks.

And with that, you now know how to take an amethyst tub!

Health Benefits of Amethyst Tub

An amethyst tub bath provides several physical and mental health benefits. Because it cleanses your aura and purifies the body, it can reduce physical and mental stress and promote overall well-being. It can also help improve circulation in the body and increase hydration.

The combination of heat and energy produces a deep sense of relaxation, allowing the body to let go of physical tension and mental strain. This in turn can help improve mood, reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, and encourage physical healing.

The calming effects of the amethyst tub can provide long-lasting benefits for your mind and body. Taking an amethyst bath can also help foster inner peace and spiritual growth, allowing you to address unresolved issues without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

The experience of an amethyst bath encourages self-reflection and introspection, which can help you gain clarity in life and find a sense of purpose. Taking regular amethyst baths also encourages mindfulness – a sense of living in the moment.

So while the physical physical benefits of an amethyst tub are undeniable, it’s the emotional and spiritual ones that can truly make it a worthwhile experience. It encourages relaxation, reduces stress, and helps foster introspection. It’s no wonder that the amethyst tub has become such a popular choice for people seeking holistic healing.

Amethyst Tub Limitations

Although an amethyst bath can provide a range of benefits, it is not a perfect solution. The rock crystal used in an amethyst bath is not certified and there are no scientific studies that support the claims being made about its healing benefits. This means that while taking an amethyst bath can be a great way to relax and unwind, there are no guarantees that it will be a successful treatment for any physical or mental ailments.

In addition, some people may find the warmth and crystal energy in the amethyst tub overwhelming. With its intense and powerful energy, it can be a rather intense experience, one that not all people will be comfortable with.

Finally, taking an amethyst bath requires a bit of investment as it requires purchasing raw amethyst crystals. This means that it may not be an option for those with limited financial resources.


The amethyst tub is a luxurious and unique experience that has been embraced by many people for its purported healing benefits. It encourages relaxation and provides opportunities for introspection. However, it is important to be aware of the potential limitations of the amethyst bath, which may include its lack of certified healing properties and the financial cost of purchasing raw amethyst crystals.

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