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What Crystals have Air Element?

Widely sought after for their their powerful properties, crystals that contain air elements have emerged as a major trend in crafting spiritual paths. The alluring energy of air crystals comes from their ability to connect us with the mystical, intangible realm of the higher self, and manifest feelings of peace and clarity. Connected to the element of wind, air crystals provide an expansive realm of knowledge and intuition that can help tap into our inner spiritual awareness and subconscious.

Professing deep insight and wisdom, air crystals are known as a spiritual gateway to higher learning. For the mystically inclined, these stones are associated with a variety of practices, including astral projection, meditation and energy work.

At their core, air crystals are symbiotic transformers that help us attune to the spiritual messages hidden deep within our inner world. By activating our dormant energetic core, they expand our consciousness and impel us to develop new spiritual practices that are both comforting and calming. Through their immense properties, these stones assist us in releasing old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us, paving the way for a greater connection to our true nature.

Often imbued with subtle energies, air crystals come in many colours and shapes. The most common air crystals are aquamarine, clear quartz, and selenite, all of which carry their own powerful vibrations. While exact techniques vary, common practices for working with air crystals involve setting intentions, meditations, and creating crystal grids.

One of the most important benefits of working with air crystals is that they help cleanse the chakras to promote good energies. By activating these energy centres, air crystals can be used to support emotional healing and facilitate daily mindfulness. Furthermore, these stones have tremendous potential to increase emotional intelligence and tap into the energy of the universe, allowing us to achieve greater harmony in our lives.

Regardless of which air crystal you choose, these stones offer a variety of benefits and can help us to open up to our innermost desires and potential. By connecting to the spiritual realm, air crystals provide invaluable insight and support on our journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment.


Aquamarine is a powerful crystal well known for its calming and serene energy. Often associated with protection and guidance, these stones help to release energies that no longer serve us and build up inner strength. By providing clarity for the heart and mind, Aquamarine helps to dissolve our negative thought patterns and stresses, restoring balance and harmony within our spiritual bodies.

The mystical power of Aquamarine can also be harnessed as an aid to spiritual awakening and meditation. Through meditation, one can better access the full extent of the stone’s power to unlock inner wisdom and deepen understanding of the universe. Its calming influence is deeply soothing, providing a windy gateway into the inner self.

Carrying a tranquil energy, the crystal is useful for stimulating clarity of the mind and balancing emotions. Its ability to clear any emotional fog that obscures our inner guidance, gives us the strength to heal from difficult times and purifying the aura of any impurities. A beautiful blue gemstone, Aquamarine carries a natural intelligence, allowing us to access its deeper spiritual message.

Aquamarine is the perfect crystal for those seeking inner balance, clarity, and knowledge. With its ancient and mysterious energy, it can help manifest powerful intentions by bolstering courage and confidence to grow and reach goals. Ultimately, Aquamarine can be used to tap into the endless possibilities of the universe and merge with the pool of wisdom from our ancestors.

Clear Quartz

Radiating pure white light, Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that harnesses the power of the elements. Known for its powerful energy cleansing properties, Clear Quartz helps us to clear our minds, dissolve inner blocks, and increase spiritual awareness. In fact, it can be used daily as a spiritual tool to help us make wise decisions and recognize our true needs and desires.

Consisting of seven different minerals, Clear Quartz can help increase the flow of Universal Life Force between our physical and spiritual bodies, promoting physical healing and emotional wellbeing. It is also believed to be a perfect gateway for clearing away any emotional and physical obstacles that can hinder our growth and progress. This crystal encourages us to trust our intuition and find a higher source of truth within, pushing us to manifest our highest potential.

As one of the most powerful crystals, Clear Quartz provides clarity and insight to awaken our soul’s true purpose. A multifaceted stone, it has a great capacity for absorbing and connecting with energies from both the spiritual and physical realms. It optimizes our energy, allowing us to harness our full potential and expand our understanding of the world.

The energy of Clear Quartz is especially helpful for increasing our self-esteem, boosting our inner strength, and revealing any unresolved issues from the past. It’s the ultimate crystal to overcome any limitation or obstacle on the path towards our goals and dreams. By strengthening our inner wisdom, Clear Quartz helps us recognize and appreciate our inner strength.


A unique and captivating crystal, Selenite is a powerful source of both spiritual and physical healing. Associated with the element of air, Selenite opens up revelations of the divine realm and refreshes our outlook on life. Holding a calming presence, it helps to keep our energies in balance while helping us feel secure and safe.

Selenite can also be used to unlock the power of intuition. With a deep spiritual resonance, its presence amplifies any gestating energies held within us. Known for its power to absorb negativity, Selenite harnesses the elemental power of the air to assist us in identifying and releasing old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that are preventing us from further spiritual progress.

In addition to its spiritual power, Selenite also holds much healing potential. Connected to the seventh chakra, it provides an expansive energy that can soothe and smooth the release of stress. Carrying a tranquil energy, Selenite helps us surrender to the natural flow of life by urging us to remain open and observant to the power of the Universe.

Through its intense vibrations, Selenite reveals truths and awareness beyond the physical plane. This gemstone is capable of lifting us to a higher energetic level and providing clues to our Higher Self. Moreover, its powerful properties assist in connecting us with our highest intuition and transmitting spiritual energy that can profoundly deepen our spiritual journey.


For those looking to pursue a connection with the spiritual realm, air crystals provide a way to explore the higher dimensions of consciousness and access new perspectives. Clear Quartz, Aquamarine, and Selenite each carry unique and powerful vibrations that can help realign our energies and push us towards further spiritual growth. As an integral part of any spiritual practice, air crystals carry immense potential to unlock inner wisdom and pave the way for an enlightened existence.

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