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What is a tarot spread for decision making?

How do we make a difficult decision? Do we take the easy route and select what we think will offer us the most immediate gratification? Or do we take the challenging path of thoughtfully assessing the options, weighing the pros and cons, and ultimately making an informed decision that maximizes our long-term benefits? The answer for many is using tarot spreads as a tool for decision making.

Simply put, a tarot spread is a layout of cards that are used to provide guidane for a specific question. Tarot cardio readers use the symbolism of the cards to reveal correlations between the current situation and potential outcomes based on the choices being made. Tarot card readers will select a specific spread design based on the needs of each client, but there are general categories such as: decisions, relationships, and career.

A decision making spread is a specific type of tarot spread that is used to help a person weigh out the potential outcomes of an presented choice. Decision making spreads typically consist of one central card and then additional cards that are spun in a circle around it. The innermost card is the one meant to represent the current situation. The next ring of cards symbolizes the choices being considered, and then finally the outer circle of cards suggests potential outcomes.

A tarot spread for decision making isn’t used as an absolute answer for how a person should choose, but more as a way to give one a better understanding of the broader picture and implications of the decision that is being made. In addition, it can also stretch our understanding of the boundaries of our personal strength. Tarot allows us to contemplate a challenge by providing aids for uncovering our wisdom and intentionally creating a path we can confidently traverse knowing that our decisions are empowered by our will and our intentions.

Professional tarot readers often advise people to consider both the positive and potential negative impacts of their choices. By seeing the complete picture, we can come to our own conclusions with greater assurance, understanding, and clarity. Of course, along the way, there is the danger of seeking comfort, security, and assurance in quick fixes that aren’t necessarily making the best decision for ourselves in the long run.

When used carefully, tarot reading can be exceptionally useful for decision making. It provides a framework for taking a step back from a difficult situation and really digging deeper into ourselves to access the ultimate divination of the answer. By beginning with a simple tarot spread, it’s possible to unlock tremendous insight and wisdom not just to help deal with an immediate concern, but to gain the courage to face a larger challenge.

No matter the situation, tarot cards provide a key to accessing inner clarity and self-confidence. The beauty of tarot spreads lies in their ability to provide a platform to bring our own intuition and rational insight into balance; thus helping us to make consciously informed decisions that will bring us closer to our highest potential.

Relationship Tarot Spreads

When it comes to matters of the heart, relationships can be complex web of emotion and strategy, but tarot cards have the potential to simplify the situation and help us gain insight on potential outcomes. With relationship tarot spreads, we can assess the state of a current relationship, gain deeper understanding of our current situation, and gain clarity on how to improve the status quo.

From a tarot perspective, the most powerful relationships are those in which both parties share a deep respect and trust. This respect must extend beyond the person and include the changes and the energy that the relationship has created over time. In a tarot spread, this is expressed through such cards as The Lovers, The Two of Cups, The Tower, and Temperance.

By understanding the core energy of the relationship, we can deliberate on the potential consequences of our proposed decisions and map out an optimal route with the highest chance of mutual success. We can also determine if certain emotions or attitudes could be blocking us from recognizing the true potential of the relationship.

Ultimately, tarot helps provide clarity by laying out a framework for understanding the dynamic balance of relationships. A relationship tarot spread reveals potential paths for the relationship to move forward and informs us of the energy required to make these paths come to fruition.

Analyzing Career Paths With Tarot

Making the right career decisions can be especially daunting. Career decisions affect our personal and professional life and can define our future. But tarot provides us with the power of considering our career moves with acute clarity and precision.

One of the most common tarot card spreads used for career decisions is the Celtic spread. This spread consists of nine cards, each representing a different aspect of the querent’s career situation. The first three cards represent the past and the challenges we have already faced and overcome. The three center cards represent the present moment and how the querent can maximize their potential. And the three final cards represent the probable outcomes or experiences that the querent may encounter as they move forward with their decision.

Once the tarot cards are laid out and the readings are interpreted, the querent must ask themselves if the potential outcomes of the spread match up with their plans and aspirations. Analyzing a career move from the indication of the cards can help a person make the best decision for their current state of affairs, as well as for their personal and professional lives into the foreseeable future.

Calming Anxiety With Tarot

The indecision surrounding a difficult decision can stir up anxiety, leaving us unable to effectively reach a conclusion and create positive movement in our lives. But a tarot spread can help us pinpoint the source of anxiety and offer precise insight into our current state of being.

A tarot spread can help reveal the areas of our lives that are out of balance; provide clarity on what can be done to bring ourselves back to equilibrium; and provide a clearer perspective on truly creating the positive changes we desire. By incorporating tarot cards into a regular meditation practice, we can come to terms with our anxieties and better recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, ultimately gaining confidence and conviction as to how we should best move forward.

In addition, tarot cards can penetrate beyond the logical understanding of a situation and connect us to the energetic interplay of a specific scenario. When we are aware of the energies involved in our decision making, we can pick up on subtle influences and influences that we weren’t previously aware of. This knowledge can then be used to create a solid foundation for taking action.

Life Purpose With Tarot

Through tarot card spreads, we can gain insight into our life purpose and discover how this purpose can support us in taking action on our decisions. During tarot readings, we can connect to the wisdom of the Universe and get an in-depth look at the flow of our life and how our decisions might affect it. Once we have a better understanding of our life purpose, we can then use this newfound knowledge to steer our decision-making to align more closely with our true essence and with the path that the Universe has in store for us.

Tarot can also help reveal our unique gifts and talents, as well as how we can best leverage them to make decisions and move forward with our lives. We can also reflect on our relationships, how they are impacting our purpose, and how we can use them to create positive outcomes.

The goal of a tarot spread is to equip us with the power to make decisions confidently. It encourages us to dig deep and realize the true potential that lies within ourselves. Ultimately, tarot card spreads are an invaluable tool for navigating life’s decisions

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