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What body type does an Aquarius man like?

What body type do Aquarius men like? This question has long puzzled many, but it is something that simply cannot be generalized. Every Aquarius man is unique, and therefore some traits are going to be more attractive than others. However, in general, it appears that Aquarius men prefer a partner with a body type that is athletic and toned.

Athletic traits are very important to an Aquarius man. This star sign is associated with being adventuresome and fun-loving, so they will likely be attracted to someone who can keep up with them on their foreign or outdoor adventures. Additionally, an Aquarius man likes to show off his partner, so having a well-toned body will make them look good and feel proud of being with their partner in public.

Having confidence is a must for an Aquarius man. A body type that speaks of self-confidence is going to be very attractive for this star sign. Not only will the Aquarius man feel proud of their partner, but it will reflect positively on them as a person. This isn’t to say that an Aquarius man would be shallow – rather, it’s a way for them to show people that they are successful.

Of course, it’s important to note that every Aquarius man is different. Some may not be attracted to an athletic body type, instead they may favor curves and those that appear a bit softer. Like everyone else, their preferences may fluctuate over time depending on the person and their life experiences. Ultimately, what Aquarius males look for in their partners are mental and emotional compatibility – something that cannot be “measured” by physical standards.

Though an Aquarius man may be drawn to an athletic body type, they are likely to find lasting happiness with someone who has a great personality. These people look for an intelligent companion and someone who will engage them intellectually. Therefore, it would be wise to treat your Aquarius man with respect and kindness and show them that you’re not just a pretty face.

Though physical beauty is important to all of us, it should never be your main focus. Instead, focus on developing mental and emotional connections with the Aquarius man. Show interest in his life, passions, and conversations. Express your opinions and your views on life. Laugh and joke around and have fun. This will be much more attractive to an Aquarius man than a body type.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that every Aquarius man is unique. While body type will definitely play a role in their attractions, it won’t be the ultimate deciding factor for a relationship. Having a good conversation, open heart, and being able to share life experiences is what will keep the Aquarius man engaged and committed.


Though physical appearance is important for an Aquarius man, it doesn’t have to be conventional. Being attractive for an Aquarius man could mean something different than traditional beauty. It could be a person who has an offbeat fashion style, tattoos, piercings, or a unique hairstyle. Aquarius men may find any of these aspects attractive as they represent boldness and independence. This star sign is attracted to people who go against the grain and stand out from the rest.

A strong sense of self-confidence is something that an Aquarius man will always admire. They are often repelled by someone who is self-doubting or lacks self-esteem, so showing off a body type that radiates self-confidence is something that can be very attractive. This goes hand in hand with having a strong self-image. Regardless of what body type the Aquarius man prefers, he will always respect someone who is proud of who they are.

Positive body language is also important for an Aquarius man. Like most people, they are repelled by negative vibes and attitudes. Therefore, someone with a good posture, bright eyes, and a cheerful gait can be attractive to an Aquarius man. Even if they aren’t attracted to you physically, these positive body language signals can make them take notice and keep the conversation going.

Apart from physical attraction, Aquarius men tend to be attracted to people who share their interests. Therefore, if they love hockey, someone who plays or watches hockey with them can be attractive. Or, if they love traveling, someone who loves to explore new places can be attractive as well. Ultimately, it isn’t about looks, but about someone having shared interests with them.


When it comes to relationships, Aquarius men don’t often follow the normal standards. Instead of being superficial and long-term relationships being based on who is more attractive, Aquarius men often look beyond physical appearances and focus more on a person’s personality. They seek someone who can share life experiences with them, engage in intellectual conversations, and have a similar view on life. Therefore, having a great personality and a good sense of humour can be very attractive to an Aquarius man.

Aquarius men like someone who is able to stand up for themselves and their opinions. They don’t admire people who allow themselves to be controlled, bullied, or pushed around. Letting an Aquarius man know what you stand for without pushing your opinion onto them can be very attractive. This shows that you’re independent and you’re capable of taking care of yourself.

Confidence in everything that you do can be attractive to an Aquarius man. They like people who have faith in their abilities and are always looking to push themselves to the next level. Whether it’s in their career, education, hobbies, or relationships, an Aquarius man likes someone who is optimistic and has a “can-do” attitude.

Surprise and spontaneity also catches an Aquarius man’s eye. They don’t like someone who sticks to the same routines and is rigid in their habits. Therefore, surprising them with something different is something they highly appreciate. This could be an unexpected vacation, a spontaneous night out, a fun game, or anything really.

Relationship Style

Aquarius’ relationships tend to be based on deep and meaningful connections. They are often not satisfied until they feel like they have a strong and authentic connection with their partner. An Aquarius man appreciates someone who is neither clingy nor distant, but instead someone who is comfortable in their own skin and allows the relationship to develop naturally.

They also appreciate someone who craves independence just as much as they do. An Aquarius doesn’t want someone who clings to them or relies on them for everything, so having the ability to take care of yourself is attractive to them.

Honesty is also a big factor for an Aquarius man. It’s essential that they trust their partner and have a relationship based on stability and reliability. An Aquarius man is likely to be extremely attentive and loyal, so a partner who holds the same qualities will be attractive to them.

With Aquarius men, communication and connection are key. They don’t want someone who is afraid to express themselves or be vulnerable. They would much rather have someone who is authentic and open to talking about their feelings.

Finally, an Aquarius man looks for someone who is passionate about life and living it to the fullest. Being able to support each other’s dreams and life choices, while also being able to have lots of fun and laughter together, is what an Aquarius man is looking for.

Extra-Relationship Activities

Aquarius men also appreciate someone who enjoys being creative and participating in extra-relationship activities. Whether it’s attending music festivals, collaborating on artwork, joining an activist group, or simply going on outdoor adventures together, doing something together besides the normal relationship activities can be attractive to an Aquarius man.

Being able to share interesting conversations is also attractive to an Aquarius man. They are often bored with the same mundane and mundane conversations, and they enjoy talking about things like politics, philosophy, science, and other deep topics.

Aquarius men appreciate being challenged and pushed to think about things differently. It’s important for them to have conversations with someone who can keep up with them and not be bored with the same conversations. Being able to have good debates and not take every opinion personally is also attractive.

Participating in unisexual activities such as sports or video games can also be attractive to an Aquarius man. This is a great way for them to bond and see a different side of each other. Whether it’s something competitive, challenging, or just plain fun, Aquarius men enjoy doing such activities with their partners.

Finally, Aquarius men appreciate someone who is willing to try new things and take risks with them. It’s important to be able to take on something that is out of the ordinary and spur excitement in the relationship. Taking a class together, venturing out to unexplored places, or even adopting a pet are all activities that an Aquarius man may enjoy.


It’s difficult to determine what body type Aquarius men prefer as there is no one-size-fits-all answer. At the end of the day, physical attraction isn’t the ultimate deciding factor for them. Aquarius men are more interested in someone who can share life experiences with them, engage in intellectual conversations, and has a great personality.

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