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Moon Phases in Astrology: Last Quarter Moon

The moon has been of heavy interest to astrology for its effect on lives of mankind. Astrologers have long attributed their beliefs in the power of lunar energy to the cycles of the moon, and believe that it has a powerful influence over the tides and thus the human lives, feelings, and circumstances. In particular, lunar cycles can affect our intuition, moods, fertility, and productivity. When it comes to the Last Quarter Moon, it is also a formidable power in astrology.

The Last Quarter Moon, as the name suggests, occurs around the 28th day of each month. This phase of the lunar cycle is an intense period of transition and transformation, when we can often be at our most creative and intuitive. Last Quarter Moons are known for igniting internal and external changes, which can be felt throughout our psyche and environment.

The Last Quarter Moon is a time when we must be brave. We must confront whatever is holding us back from achieving our highest self, let go of the past, and fully embrace our future. It is also a time for great self-reflection, as we look deep within and assess where we are in life, what we need, and where we want to be.

This period of the lunar cycle can feel intense and chaotic – it is a time to let go of our knowns, and to open our hearts and minds to the unknown. We should use our emotions to guide us forth, and to challenge us to get closer to our true authentic selves. This is a time of swift action, and with that, a time of great power.

During the Last Quarter Moon, our inner world is challended. The answers to our deepest desires begin to congeal, and we can gain clarity on our paths ahead. This is a time to be aware of our surroundings, as we may attract new opportunities and people into our lives. It is important to remain open to the possibilities that the Universe brings.

The Last Quarter Moon is a precious and powerful moment in astrology – use it to reflect on your inner self, to explore your path, and to unleash your creativity and strength. Trust in your intuition, and in the power of the Universe.

Goddesses & Social Connections

The Last Quarter moon signals a new awakening and with it, the opportunity to gain insight into goddesses of all kinds. This is the perfect time to call upon the goddess energy of the divine feminine – be it the sacred goddesses of ancient civilization, or the goddesses in our own lives. Whether it’s your own mother, daughter, sister, mentor, teacher, or someone else who has had a significant impact on your life, embracing these goddess energies during this time can be immensely healing and empowering.

The Last Quarter Moon is also a time of urgent social connections. You can use this time to reach out to people in your life you’ve been meaning to connect with, to make a plan to bond with family and friends, or to simply engage in communication with those around you.

The Last Quarter Moon encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and push boundaries. Take this time to learn a new skill, explore unique experiences and to lead a more creative and engaging life. Leave your inhibitions behind and unleash your true self.

It’s also a great time to take advantage of major milestones, and to set yourself for success and fulfilment in the future. With the right planning and the confidence to take on new challenges, the phases of the moon can be your partner in realising your ambitions.

Meditative Visualisations & Shadow Work

The Last Quarter Moon is ideal for meditative visualisations and ‘shadow work’, which is the process of acknowledging, understanding and working through your inner shadows and traumas. It can be a time of heavy-heartedness and overwhelming emotion, but it’s also an important juncture in the lunar cycle for personal advancement and healing.

Visualisation exercises can provide vast insight and strength in this period. Begin by getting yourself comfortable; close your eyes and feel your entire being settle into a relaxed state. Envision yourself surrounded by a loving, supportive energy and allow yourself to relax further into it. Then, visualise yourself in your highest moment of success; this could involve being in a different place, seeing yourself doing what you love, or travelling to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit. Stay in this moment until you are completely engulfed in the vision and the feeling you evoke.

Shadow work is equally fruitful in this period. Sitting in stillness and allowing yourself to become mindful of the thoughts and emotions that enter your space is a great way to get in touch with your self and uncover your inner hurts, wounds, and fears. Shadow work is a vital part of growing and healing, and can be a cathartic process when done properly.

Inner & Outer Beauty

The Last Quarter Moon is a blessing for both inner and outer beauty. This period brings the opportunity to increase self-care rituals and to nourish yourself with compassion and understanding. It is also a time to give your home an upgrade – declutter it of unnecessary belongings and stylishly decorate it with furniture pieces you truly connect with.

Try to spend time in nature during this period, or just incorporate some outdoor activities into your daily life. ‘Green beauty’ is also a beautiful way to bring some zen into this period. From using natural skin products, to eating responsibly and attending to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health, the Last Quarter Moon is an ideal time to invest in inner and outer beauty.

Grounding & Energising

The Last Quarter Moon is a time for grounding and energising. Slow yourself down and take the time to understand yourself and your emotions. Breathe slowly and deeply, and visualise your breath washing away any negative energy. Try yoga and meditation to further help you connect to your body and mind.

Energising yourself is just as important as grounding in this period. Eat nutritious food and get some sunshine on your skin to help boost your mood and re-energise. Take a brisk walk outside, have a cup of coffee, or connect with loved ones.

Personal Growth & Development

The Last Quarter Moon presents an opportunity to invest in personal growth and development. Reflect on what you’ve learnt so far in life and be thankful for all the experiences and knowledge you’ve gathered along the way. Write in a journal, take up a creative hobby, or attend personal development coaching sessions to further cultivate yourself.

The Last Quarter Moon is also a time to focus on your relationships – with yourself, with others, and with the Universe. Attend to the emotional wounds that are blocking your relationships and be conscious of the positive qualities that you bring to the table. Remember that lasting connections, whether they are platonic, romantic or spiritual, all require time and effort.

Celebrate Your Progress

The Last Quarter Moon is an ideal time to celebrate your progress and accomplishments thus far in life. It is also a perfect time for self-reflection, and to gain an understanding of how you’ve grown so far. Make a list of the life events that have shaped you, and take the time to reflect on why they have had an impact on your life.

The energy of the Last Quarter Moon can be intense, but it can also be a transformative time for personal development. Make the most of this period by being kind to yourself, by reflecting on past events, and by taking action towards achieving your goals. Finally, be aware of the cosmos and enjoy the lunar energy present during this time.

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