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How to Make a Taurus Man Jealous

Jealousy can be a tool used to control, but it can also be used as a method to provoke feelings of passion in any Taurus man. Taurus is a fixed sign in the zodiac, meaning that he is stubborn but passionate. The first step to make a Taurus man jealous is to give him enough space. Perhaps this goes against your instinct, but trust us on this one, it is key. Give him the freedom to think about things without feeling suffocated, to explore what it is that he wants.

Being emotionally distant and reserved makes the feeling of jealousy much easier for Taurus men to cope with; they don’t want to be smothered. Giving your man space doesn’t mean completely backing off, it simply means letting him come to you. Show that you don’t need him but you’d like him to be in your life.

Spicing up your conversation a bit can also help. Leave some questions hanging or invite him to exchange fantasies. Taurus men love to be challenged in the mind, body and soul. It can be difficult to pry him open but his heart will become much easier to control with some intellectual sexual tension. Show that you can move from intellectual to physical in a moments notice.

Flirting with other people is another way to stir up deep feelings of jealousy in a Taurus man. It is key to be mindful however that this kind of ploy can backfire. Instead of being jealous, he could see this as an invitation to move on. When flirting, make sure to save your biggest smiles for him and flirt lightly with others only in his presence.

Finally, it is the most important step to winning his heart. To build a relationship takes trust. Show him that you are trustworthy and build a bond. Demonstrate your reliability and loyalty, but also your fiery, passionate side. Show that you can dominate if necessary, but you can show your vulnerable side when the circumstances call for it.

The Right Way to Make a Taurus Man Jealous

Making a Taurus man jealous can be a powerful way to ignite the passion in your relationship. But there’s a right and wrong way to do it. It must be done in a subtle and mature way. Firstly, ensure you’re giving him enough space and freedom to think and process things. Don’t overwhelm him with too much of your attention. Show him that you don’t need him and he will begin to crave to become a part of your life.

Secondly, flirt with other people with caution. Do it only when you’re in the presence of your Taurus man. Make sure that when you’re flirting, your biggest smiles are solely for him. This will cause an itch of curiosity and a wave of envy. It can be tempting to build an evident level of envy in your relationship but it must be done carefully – it can easily backfire.

Finally, it is important to trust your Taurus man. Show him that you trust and rely on him and he will return the feeling. Although it is important to stay strong and take a dominating role when necessary, it is equally important to be vulnerable at times. Show him that you can blaze fiercely but also be gentle. Mutual trust is necessary to begin building a strong relationship.

Using Subtle Tactics

When trying to make a Taurus man jealous it is important to take a subtle approach. It is essential that you don’t become too demanding or suffocating. If you do, it will only drive him further away. Instead, draw him in by maintaining a healthy level of emotional distance and backing off from the situation just a little. This will make him crave to be closer to you and in turn will be more inclined to make him jealous.

It is also important to choose your words and conversations carefully. Don’t be too obvious or explicit, but be witty and intriguing. Taurus men love mental stimulation, so make sure you’re dropping comments and hints which will leave a lingering thought in his head and make sure you respond positively to his own advances.

Once the feelings of jealousy are aroused, stand your ground and stay strong. Don’t become passive and don’t buckle under his persistence. Let him sweat it out for a while. This can be difficult to tolerate but it will ultimately lead to a stronger relationship. Make him aware of your own boundaries and don’t be afraid to have a strong opinion which will debunk any suggestion of possession.

Although it can be difficult to make a Taurus man jealous, the results will be worth it. Get your tactics just right and you can cause a spark of jealousy that will instil passion and emotion into the relationship. The key is to be patient, subtle and maintain a perfect balance between distance and engagement.

Using External Factors

When looking to make a Taurus man jealous, external influences can be a great tool. One of the most effective ways to do this is by attending to commitments outside of your relationship. Make sure you’re active in your social life without completely excluding him. Demonstrating that you have still got friends and a social circle is a great way to make him envious.

This doesn’t mean neglecting your Taurus man. Instead, focus on other aspects of your life which will compliment your relationship. Show him that you’ve got friends, hobbies and a career outside of your relationship with him but don’t be completely detached from him.

This can also include cultivating certain qualities in yourself such as confidence, independence and independence. Show him that you are a woman who is powerful and determined, whilst still maintaining a luminous and lively persona. This will make him jealous but also allow him to appreciate the powerful woman that you are.

It is also important to make sure you’re listening and paying attention to him. Tell him you’re invested in what he’s saying and learn to stand up for yourself. Don’t be too agreeable but also show him you respect him and what he’s saying. This will give him the confidence in you that he needs to feel secure, whilst still feeling a sense of jealousy.

External factors can play a great role in making a Taurus man jealous. Take these suggested approaches and use them in the context of your relationship to create a healthy balance of jealousy and trust.

Understanding His Limits

The key to successfully making a Taurus man jealous is understanding certain levels. This includes understanding yourself and understanding what he’s feeling. Think about how it will affect his emotions and how you want him to act in return. Make sure you’re not overpowering him with too much attention or overt sexual advances.

It is also important to consider certain details when looking to evoke jealousy. Are you accidentally taking attention away from him? Are you being too engaging or too distant? These factors are key when trying to make a Taurus man jealous. Make sure you’re taking as much as you’re giving in any kind of engagement.

Always maintain the respect between the both of you. Even if it is your goal to stir up feelings of jealousy, it is important to ensure that his emotions remain secure. Make sure that he knows you’re still invested in him and still an integral part of his life. This will ensure that when you do make him feel jealous, it will be in a healthier and more respectful sense.

When looking to make a Taurus man jealous, understanding certain limits must be placed. Be intelligent and subtle when dealing with his emotions and don’t drive him too far too fast. Ensure he’s secure in the relationship and treat him with respect in all situations.

Distance is Key

One of the most important ways to make a Taurus man jealous is to keep the connection between the two of you alive, but maintain a healthy level of distance. This means giving your Taurus man the space he needs to contemplate what he’s feeling for you. Keep the emotion flowing and let him come to you rather than you pursuing him.

Having a level of communication is important, but invest in other forms of interaction. Make sure you’re talking and communicating emotionally but don’t make it so that you’re the only source of his emotional stimulation. Let him come to find you and make sure that you’re not the only one instigating any meetings.

Let him feel that you’re emotionally strong without him. This is key when trying to make him jealous. If you show him that you’re fragile and need him, it is unlikely to stir feelings of jealousy. Show him that you can navigate life by yourself and that you are still strong in his absence.

Whilst it is important to keep the communication open, it is also important to take some time for yourself. Let him obsess over you from a healthy distance and focus on yourself. Make sure that you’re emotionally independent even though you’ll still be together. Find a balance and make sure he’s still close enough to feel the heat of your burning passion.

Distance is essential when trying to make a Taurus man jealous. Take the emotion away and build the passion back up slowly. Nurture his feelings and let him come to you. Find a balance between throwing yourself at him and being unavailable and this will develop a fiery passion in your relationship.

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