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Capricorn Zodiac Sign – Summary and Traits

Do you ever have the feeling like you know yourself, only to discover you don’t? That’s like being a Capricorn zodiac sign. Different from other star signs, Capricorn has an intense and conflicting nature. On one hand, they possess qualities of ambition, and a drive to succeed. On the other hand, they have pessimistic grounds of looking at life, and introverted tendencies.

Capricorns will tend to act in an extreme way at times in their professional and personal lives. This is due to their intense focus and need to accomplish the task. They are slow learners, but once their heart and soul is in the game, they manifest unparalleled commitment and perseverance, that are rarely seen in any other sign. They need to feel a sense of purpose before they jump into anything and will often think through every step before taking they take any action.

Capricorns strive for success on their terms. They don’t mind taking the slow and steady route that may take longer to payoff, as long as the process is enjoyable and well thought out. They easily see the bigger picture and have a realistic view of events as they unfold around them. This often makes them capable of making favorable decisions in exceedingly challenging situations. Turning chaos into order in a short amount of time is their forte.

Unfortunately, Capricorns also tend to be perfectionists and can be seen as too critical even to themselves. Nothing is ever enough or good to them. These high expectations come at a big cost as it can lead to immense pressure and even burnouts. As far as relationships go, they are a bit guarded and not always easy to figure out. It’s quite easy to earn their trust, but once broken, it takes tremendous effort to recover from it. Self-assured and mighty, Capricorns make for an inspiring presence as they lead the way with their confidence and determination.

Lifestyle and Habits

Capricorns are known to enjoy a successful, orderly lifestyle. Their habit towards organization is further influenced due to their rooted understanding of the importance of structure and discipline. As a result, Capricorns are often seen organizing their priorities and allocating time and space for all the important facets of life. An aura of stability follows them everywhere and they are great at upholding reputations.

Among the unique nature of Capricorns, is their low tolerance level for wrongdoers and those who are constantly changing their minds. Capricorns abhor instability and changes to their already planned daily lives, and so tend to be quite impatient when such things occur. Fearful of risk taking and surprises, Capricorns often live in a safe and low-thrill environment.

In material goods, Capricorns are likely to invest in items of quality and not quantity. They often save up for the items they want, and carefully maintain these items, in the hopes of having them last longer. Funky and adventurous, Capricorns have an underplayed jovial side which is easily identifiable.

Humorously sarcastic yet shrewd, they tend to view the world through a distanced eye. Capricorns take their own sweet time while making decisions and often have difficulty in opting for risky choices. Often deep thinkers and usually introverts, Capricorns have a rather narrow yet wise approach to life.

Career and Money

Get Capricorns in a career context, and you’ll witness their true potential. Catapulting success in whichever field they take up is almost a certainty, thanks to their earnestness to excel and never cease their learning. Highly selective, Capricorns prefer to stick to well-grounded and established careers, adding security and structure.

Money rarely comes in the way when they pursue a profession. Capricorns will even take up jobs that may not be related to their dreams, solely to improve their skills, knowing that it will eventually lead to better prospects down the line. Capricorns may appear aloof and independent, but their proactivity makes them an excellent team player when they decide to join forces with others.

It’s easy to think of Capricorns as an epitome of austerity, but they too need their dose of genuine care. Being a master planner, Capricorns always remain aware of their financial standings. These long-term assets often play a crucial part in influencing the decisions for their career and lifestyle.

The most remarkable thing about Capricorns is their reserve of power to pull off the unexpected, when need be. They are adept at achieving the impossible and overcoming doubts in life. Capricorns push themselves to the limit to realize their ambitions.

Relationship and Love Life

Love doesn’t come easy to the Capricorns. Owing to their introverted nature, it may take a while for someone to completely win over their hearts. They often project an aloof attitude and seldom reach out for companionship. But Capricorns are loyal and faithful once they’ve found the one they love.

Similar to their professional lives, Capricorns in relationships can come off as staunch, stubborn and rarely compromising. This attitude is usually taken positively, however it can slip off as being straining and negative at times. Nonetheless, Capricorns are small but warm-hearted beings, and all they need are moments of understanding to soothe them.

Taking risks and surprises are admittedly not Capricorn’s strongest forte. So they will often play it safe in relationships, and to their partners. They are intuitively aware of the fact that their partners need certain boundaries and moments to themselves to simply unwind and this is something Capricorns highly respect. All in all, Capricorns are fun companions and their loyalty and understanding speaks a million words.

The Struggles of a Capricorn

The pessimistic, and sometimes over-calculative nature of a Capricorn plays a major role in causing their suffering. Being extremely self-aware, they harbor the worst fears about themselves and the future. These manufactured worries overwhelm them to a great extent and prevent them from taking advantage of opportunities, that come their way.

The challenge of overcoming the mental boundaries imposed by a Capricorn is unparalleled. It takes tremendous effort for them to push through their perception and belief systems, and develop a brighter outlook towards life. It is indeed an intimidating process but with the correct awareness and intervention, Capricorns can make immense progress in short times.

Ongoing failure or misfortune can suck out the joy out of life and lead to depressed, anxious states. A Capricorn is often victim to such moments, only due to their perfectionistic inclinations. To an onlooker, Capricorns may appear to be successful and content but that rarely reflects their internal struggles.

Bringing Balance to the Life of a Capricorn

To find solace in life as a Capricorn, it is important that they take calculated risks and accept failures as part of the process. More importantly, they need to come to terms with the fact that nothing can ever be perfect and that mistakes are necessary while forging new paths.

Establishing balance in life is essential to any zodiac sign, but for Capricorns, it plays a much more profound role. Fostering meaningful relationships with one’s family, friends and romantic partners is quite difficult for a Capricorn, owing to their withdrawn nature.

Nevertheless, it’s important for a Capricorn to maintain a sense of well-being while also attending to other important facets of life. This way, they will be able to channel their intensity and stubbornness towards initiatives that actually bring them joy, and drive them forward.

It is also crucial for a Capricorn to take part in activities that are solely meant for recreation and fun. It’s natural to be a bit selfish at times and invest wholly in the liveliness and spontaneity to offers life. By doing so, a Capricorn can learn to appreciate the richness of life, and accept themselves for who they are.

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