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Can astrology tell me if my ex will come back?

Can astrology reliably tell me whether my ex will come back or not? Astrology holds that certain planetary alignments and other cosmic events have a significant influence on many aspects of our lives. However, whether astrological predictions can definitively predict one’s romantic future remains unclear. Some astrologers claim they can tell whether a relationship will last or if an ex will return, but such readings should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Although astrology has been around for thousands of years, there is currently no scientific evidence to support the accuracy of its predictions. This is because astrological readings involve deciphering complex patterns of relationships between individuals, events, and celestial bodies, making astrology a complex divination practice. Many modern astrologers rely on intuition and experience instead of scientific evidence.

Astrologers say that one’s romantic future can be discerned from the positions of three planets: Venus, Mars, and Mercury. These planets are thought to influence the attraction between two people and the strength of their emotions. When these planets align in a certain way, astrologers may interpret that to mean that a former love interest will return.

However, many skeptics argue that astrological readings are unreliable and biased. They point out that astrologers often rely on subjective interpretations which can be influenced by personal biases. Skeptics also argue that no astrological prediction can be considered objectively true because the planets are constantly in motion, meaning any reading could change without warning. Additionally, even if a prediction is accurate, it is impossible to know whether it would have come true without the reading.

When considering whether astrology can tell if your ex will come back, it is important to remember that astrology is not a reliable form of divination and should not be used to make major life decisions. For those looking for an answer to this question, it might be best to resort to more reliable methods, such as talking to a counselor or looking inward to analyze one’s own feelings.

At the end of the day, it is impossible to know if an ex will come back, and only they can make the decision to do so. When it comes to love, astrology is no substitute for communication and self-reflection.

Astrological Compatibility

When attempting to predict whether an ex is likely to return, some practitioners of astrology look to compatibility between two birth charts. Compatibility between two birth charts is gauged according to a variety of metrics, such as the positioning of the sun, moon, and planets in each chart, each sign’s elements, and how certain planets interact with each other. By looking at these metrics, astrologers can make predictions as to how compatible two people are.

According to astrology, when two people have strong planetary alignments, they are said to have a harmonious relationship and are thus more likely to remain together. Conversely, when a person’s birth chart is not compatible with their ex’s, it indicates a lack of synchronicity, which may lead to disharmony and eventually, breakup.

It should be noted, however, that astrological compatibility is no guarantee of a lasting relationship. Although two people may have compatible birth charts and strong planetary alignments, personal circumstances, such as geography, significant life events, or unresolved issues, can also have a major influence on a relationship’s longevity.

Additionally, even when compatibility between two charts is strong, it is no guarantee that a person will take the plunge and get back together with their ex. Ultimately, this depends upon each individual’s willingness to work on their relationship, confront unresolved issues, and communicate with each other to truly understand and address the reasons why they broke up in the first place.

Astrological Timing

In addition to looking at compatibility between two birth charts, astrologers may also attempt to predict the timing of when an ex will come back. This type of prediction relies on interpreting the movements of various planets, as well as transits and progressions, to look for certain planetary alignments that indicate a shift in fortune.

Under this practice, certain planetary cycles, such as the 7-year Saturn cycle, can be examined to determine the likelihood of an ex coming back. If the 7-year Saturn cycle aligns favorably, it is believed to be an indicator of good fortune, or a positive outcome. On the other hand, if there is an unfavorable alignment, it may signal a difficult period or period in which an ex will not return.

Additionally, astrology enthusiasts sometimes look to important dates, such as anniversaries, milestones, or eclipses, to determine when an ex may come back. These can give an indication as to when an individual’s fortunes may change, for better or worse. However, skepticism remains, as it is impossible to know if a prediction will come true without waiting for the alignment to pass.

Astrological Limitations

It is important to remember that astrology can be helpful in certain contexts, but it should not be relied upon as a definitive answer to any question. While astrology can offer insights as to what might be, it can never guarantees what will happen. This is because, as mentioned previously, many interpretations of astrological readings are subjective and openness to personal bias.

Additionally, astrology relies heavily on a person’s exact time of birth, which can be impossible to determine accurately. Many people do not know the exact time of their birth, or do not have access to official records. In these cases, astrologers may have difficulty making predictions. This is because, without an accurate birth time, one’s birth chart becomes unreliable.

Similarly, an astrologer’s predictions may be inaccurate if certain events have a major impact on the situation. Events such as accidents, illnesses, or even natural disasters can have a dramatic influence on a person’s fortunes, rendering astrological predictions moot.


To conclude, astrology can help to illuminate certain aspects of a situation, but it should never be used as a definitive answer to any major life decision. Regardless of whether an astrological prediction appears to be accurate, it is impossible to know whether it would have come true without the reading. Ultimately, only time, effort, and communication can reveal the answer to whether a person’s ex will come back.

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