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Explaining the 7th House of Relationships and Agreements

Often referred to as the House of Relationships and Agreements, the seventh house in astrology is an area of our life and personality that is vital for understanding our life’s direction and which influences how we relate to the world around us. It is believed to represent a point of transition, a turning point in life, and is usually associated with legal, contractual, and social partnerships. The areas of our life where the 7th house is activated can give clues to understanding how our relationships with others might progress and how we can best achieve the results we desire in our life.

The 7th house astrology governs not only the personal relationships we have with other people, but also our attitude and behavior in cooperation and compromise. It provides us with insight into the ways in which we communicate and relate to those around us, and the deals we make in order to achieve our goals. It also sheds light on the way we think, feel, and act in social situations, as well as our views on international relations.

An examination of the 7th house in astrology is used to gain insight into our current relationships and to prepare for our future ones. It provides information about our inner processes when it comes to relationships and agreements. As an area of our birth chart where relationships are activated, the 7th house presents us with a range of issues and opportunities which when properly understood can be used to foster success for both ourselves and our partners.

Understanding the position and activity of the planets in our 7th house can help us to better focus on our relationships and agreements. Key planetary aspects such as traits, commitments, and roles, which will often form the foundation of many of our relationships, must be taken into consideration, as well as the level of compatibility with our partners. The relationships we have with our partners will often determine how successful we are in our lives, and the 7th house gives us the tools we need to maximize those chances.

In the end, it is important to note that the 7th house of Relationships and Agreements is not only two-way but three-way, as it also plays an important role in the way we perceive and understand social circumstances and international relations. The effects of the 7th house on our current and future relationships are integral in achieving our goals and manifesting our fullest potential. With this knowledge, we can better assess our position in relation to our relations and agreements, and can better prepare for upcoming opportunities and conflicts.

What influences the 7th House?

The seventh house astrology of relationships and agreements is governed by the planet Venus. In astrology, the placement of Venus in our birth chart denotes our love and romantic style, along with the intensity of our desires when it comes to relationships. Venus represents our capacity for love, and thus influences the style and decisions in how we enter into and interact with romantic relationships. The 7th house of relationships is further influenced by Pluto, signifying the powers of transformation, healing, and intimacy.

The moon in our 7th house can signify the attachment we feel towards relationships. As it passes through its different phases within the 7th house, it speaks to our transforming feelings within our connections and interactions with our partners. Mars is related to aggression and the need for action, and its position within the 7th house can influence the intensity of disputes and the strength of our resolve in pursuing our goals.

The seventh house of Relationships and Agreements is determined by both stars and planets in our chart. For example, White Moonlighters, the stars of relationships, often have an effect on how we interact with others and how we form bonds, while Black Moonlighters, those of alliances, can indicate our ways of negotiating and communicating.

Finally, there is the Ascendant, which is ruled by the signs of the zodiac and determines our overall attitude and outlook on life. The Ascendant is a blend of characteristics, including an intense attitude, of both Sun and Moon, which can help us to gain insight into how others perceive us and how we interact with society.

How the 7th House Decides Our Fortune

The 7th house in astrology acts as a major contributing factor to our overall decisions and actions regarding our relationships and agreements. From joint ventures and business partnerships to relationships and legal contracts, the decisions we make can shape the course of our future, as well as the people and circumstances we encounter along the way. Each house in our birth chart has a unique influence and the 7th is especially integral for understanding where we focus our attention and energy.

Traditionally, the 7th house is seen as a doorway to our secrets and a representation of our openness to others. It is an area of our chart that helps to guide and shape our thought processes when it comes to making compromises and reaching agreements. In this house, we establish our own personal needs, our vision of how we want our relationships to look, our own plans and policies, and our levels of transparency.

In many ways, the 7th house symbolizes a process of transformation. It enables us to make the right decisions to achieve our desired outcome. It also influences our success rates in our personal and business matters. Moreover, it can act as a wakeup call, influencing us to take a step back and to consider the long-term effects of our decisions.

Negative Effects of the 7th House

As with all of our birth chart, the 7th house of Relationships and Agreements can bring both positive and negative influences. Under unfavorable planetary placements, we can become overly competitive in relationships, quick to judge, and may lack the capacity to make sound decisions. We may put too much pressure on our connections, and strain our negotiations with others, causing tension and strain to our partnerships.

On the flip side, those with favorable placements in this house can take an open and positive approach to relationships and agreements, reaching beneficial out comes with ease. Such placements can lead to flexibility when interacting with others, creating healthy bonds with those around us, improved communication, and deeper understanding of our own needs.

How to make use of the 7th House?

In conclusion, it is important to note the range of effects the 7th house of Relationships and Agreements can have on our current and future relationships. By understanding the many influences this house can bring, we can better make use of our time and interactions, to gain renewed insight into our relationships and agreements. This insight can greatly help us to strengthen the foundations of our relationships, and to reach beneficial outcomes with the people we encounter on a daily basis.


Whether positive or negative, the 7th house of Relationships and Agreements can prove beneficial when properly used and understood. It can be life-changing for those who take the time to understand its implications and use the information it provides us with to our advantage. By examining the signs, planets and stellar influences that correspond to this house, we can better decipher our relationship patterns and policies and work towards the results we desire to see in our life.

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